Friday, 28 August 2009

How Not To Win People To Your Cause... appearing to be pointless, petty little bigots yourselves:
A secular group is demanding that tourism groups stop promoting a "Creationist" zoo which questions the traditional view of evolution.

The Noah's Ark Zoo, in Wraxall, near Bristol, is accused by the British Humanist Association (BHA) of misleading tens of thousands of annual visitors and "threatening public understanding".
No, me neither...

Andrew Copson, the group's director of education and public affairs, pontificated thusly:
"We have therefore asked the South West England and Visit Britain tourist boards to stop promoting the zoo.

"As they are public bodies, we believe it is inappropriate that they should support establishments that seek to urge religious or ideological beliefs upon people in these ways."
So, that's Westminster Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral trips out then..?
"As Noah's Ark Farm Zoo threatens the public understanding of the natural world we have asked the local authority, who issues the zoo with its licence, to ensure that the zoo's education practices are in line with relevant Government and other guidelines."
I have to say, having stood outside many zoo enclosures and listened to the general public express their limited understanding of the natural world, I don't think this single solitary zoo is going to be anyone's main concern...

And since when did a zoo have to meet with government guidelines on anything other than public safety and animal welfare, for god's sake?

The zoo's chosen spokeswoman must be a lady well versed in making chippy little nincompoops like Andrew feel two inches tall:
Noah's Ark research assistant Jon Woodward said: "To say that we are not upfront with our beliefs is unfounded. The name Noah's Ark is the first indicator."
"Out of 120,000, of which a vast amount are made up of parents and school trips, we get approximately 10 complaints a year regarding this topic which is very low. Clearly the public do not share the British Humanist view point."
Or, to translate, 'Sit on that and swivel, monkey-boy!'

But isn't this just typical of today's society, where it's not enough to be free to have your own beliefs, you also feel free to stifle another's because it's in direct opposition to yours?

Leg-Iron has some choice words for this bunch too.


Anonymous said...

What really gets me angry when we have this debate, is a complete disregard shown for the Spontaneous Life from Snot in Space Theory.

JuliaM said...

They need a logo. That always helps...

North Northwester said...

'Sit on that and swivel, monkey-boy!'

Okay, that's a keeper.

Mind you, if only the poor monotheists knew that all the humanoid species - male and female - derive from the armpits of a cosmic giant, then they'd have the bald facts as they were in the beginning, and no messing.

Mind you, the main attraction would be a bit less savoury than that whole Adam and Eve thing, but the truth's the truth after all...

JuliaM said...


A Nation Of Shopkeepers said...

Noah's Ark Zoo, so have they got just two of everything?
In that case the Chimp's Tea Party must be a bit lame!

Rob said...

Well done Mr Copson. Though no believer myself, I do admire someone who has the balls to go yardarm to yardarm with these illiberal righteous wankers, though I suspect he will be sifting through a big mailbag o'hate for the next few months or so.

JuliaM said...

"Noah's Ark Zoo, so have they got just two of everything?"

Well, if they do, they are all set, aren't they? :)

Deadbeat Dad said...

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm is brilliant. My daughter and I were members there a few years back and used to go every other weekend (that being the state-alloted quota of 'parenting time' permitted to deadbeat dads). I highly recommend it if you have sprogs - they'll have an absolute blast.

The creationist angle, incidentally, was very low-key: a small indoor exhibition which we only discovered after we'd been going there for several months.

As for Humanists, they're a couple of notches down the evolutionary scale from the rest of us, aren't they?