Monday, 31 August 2009

Should've Gone To Specsavers...

A flower business came close to being raided by Northamptonshire police after being mistaken for a cannabis factory.
How could this happen, you ask?

Well, the sales manager thinks he knows:
"From what I understand from the police, the man who reported us was a council inspector who was looking at a nearby building that's being extended.

"If he'd looked up our address he'd have seen we are a registered flower hire business, or if he'd gone round the front he would have seen the huge sign."
Obviously more than his job was worth, though...
Mr Sherkle said he thought the plant the man may have got confused about was Boston Fern, which has similar "spiky leaves" to cannabis.
Oh, really?

Boston Fern:

Why, the resemblance is uncanny... that they are both green.

And it seems there's a lot of this going around:
Mr Clark-Roden said he answered a knock at his door to see the officer looking at his plants.

He said: "He looked over to me and said 'do all of those plants belong to you?'

"I said 'well yes they do' and he was staring at the tomato plants and I actually said 'do you think they are dope plants' and he looked at me and said 'we have received a complaint'.

"Then I pointed at the tomatoes and we both sort of laughed."


DJ said...

I dunno - that's kind of how things should work. The Five-oh had a report of a cannabis factory and sent someone round to stop by and check it out. No harm done.

But yes, it looks like council officers are as good at identifying plants as they are at everything else.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

How will we survive if Mr Quality Snooper deserts the Town Hall because the day arrived when any old fern could be foisted on the typical herbal smoking student?

Longrider said...

That's almost worth a "Good Lord!"

Can't tell the difference between a Boston fern and Cannabis? Good Lord!

JuliaM said...

"But yes, it looks like council officers are as good at identifying plants as they are at everything else."


Dr Evil said...

Hmmmmm. Another non-expert, in this case a non-botanist getting it totally wrong. Of course the smell gives cannabis plants away. What a shame this mong never used his other senses. Of course growing hemp and using it shouldn't be illegal in the first place. An illegal plant! How utterly ridiculous.

woman on a raft said...

Tom Butler Flower hire don't do real plants of any sort - it's all artificial.

I only wish I had thought of this as 'Plod comes round to inspect artificial flower factory' is another glorious example of how to get column inches without paying a penny for them.

Just for mischief, I might start a firm selling ornamental fake cannabis plants. However, why is the tomato man smiling at the police "having a quick look around Mr Clark-Roden's flat"?

Once he'd shown the officer the tomatoes, which was polite of him as they didn't have a warrant, then the officer should have left, having no further business or reason to be there.

THAT is police harrassment; the indulging of suspicion on no grounds whatsoever and having already been met in a polite and cooperative fashion which could not possibly constitute any reason for further intrusion.

Ian B said...

I live in Northampton. It's a scary, scary place.