Thursday, 27 August 2009

Quote Of The Month

From Raedwald on the Baby Peter affair:
When Beveridge declared war on the evils of Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness he was making a moral judgement on the wrongs of the underclass lifestyle; he didn't urge us to accept in an inclusive and non-judgemental way the lifestyle choices of whores, deviants, bullies, thieves and the brutish and chaotic lives of those at the bottom of society. Mandelson can hold his fragrant posy to his noble nose as he returns to his Regent's Park mansion to waft away the stench of failure, corruption and moral decay that defines this Labour administration, but in filthy welfare slums across the nation thousands remain locked in a grinding, hopeless welfare slavery of Labour's making.


Anonymous said...

Your last two posts are so utterly depressing aren't they? As one comment said on NNW's blog, something like 'I can't see any politician brave enough to stick their head up and try and do something about this parlous state'. Well me neither!
I was talking to a chap the other day who works for various local authorities in south and South east London. He repairs and installs heating systems. He's been doing it for over 20 years now but he still isn't surprised at times by the behaviour and lifestyles of the tenants. If anything it is getting worse. Despite getting letters sent to them, or being texted or even simply phoned to remind them of the appointment, they invaraibly won't be in the first time. If they are, nothing will have been moved to allow him access - he will have to do that. Recently he wwent to one flat where the obese 20-something female, had to get out of bed, let him and then promptly went back to bed. Guess where he had to work? Yup, her bedroom, which he described as a shit-hole, rubbish strwn and smelly. Her mobile phone never stopped beeping or playing some mindless RnB tune while she spent her time shouting down the phone at someone and continually texting with Jeremy Kyle on the small telly. Dog, cat and even possibly human faeces isn't particularly unusual. An enormous number of people are incapable of looking after themselves on a basic level. They'll have Sky, Wii's, laptops, mobiles etc etc but they can't look after themselves. The anger and tantrums are the result of their lack of self confidence which can only asserted by violence so that people fear them.

We all know what should happen to the Liam's of this world!

The form filling/mindless bureacracy described by Winston Smith is also everywhere in the public sector.

Jo Brand's recent three parter set in a geriatric ward was spot on about bureacracy. The turd on a chair as a critical incident was superb, as was Ricky Grover's portrayal of a male matron called Hillary....marvellous stuff.

The world - well this country anyway is completely f****d!

JuliaM said...

"Your last two posts are so utterly depressing aren't they?"

Yes, I know what you mean. Had a day of work today so did some unaccustomed mid-morning shopping.

Was quite surprised at the huge amount of people in the supermarkets - not just pensioners and mums with small kids, plenty of adults presumably out of work or more likely, never intending to find work.

All obese, all with (as you noted) mobiles clamped to their ears, all buying the cheapest fast-food they could cram in their trolleys (no fruit or veg, unless banana milkshake counts...).

Should have gone to Waitrose instead... ;)

"Jo Brand's recent three parter set in a geriatric ward was spot on about bureacracy. "

Yes, I've no time for Brand as a comedianne, but she was excellent in that.

Ian B said...

What's wrong with whores?

Mike said...

Yes Julia, what exactly is wrong with whores, apart form legality, desease, value for money and they never seem to do that thing, you know the thing with the fruit

JuliaM said...

"What's wrong with whores?"

Actually, when I first read that, I assumed he meant political whores, rather than actual whores.

But if actual, then I guess I'd have to say the customers they tend to attract don't help your neighbourhood much.

I'm quite in favour of legalised brothels, though...

"...and they never seem to do that thing, you know the thing with the fruit.."

Heh! A politician will though, if you offer them enough money.