Friday, 14 August 2009

Two To Congratulate...

It's nice to know that there are some people who, when confronted with an injustice, stand up and say 'No! I'm not standing for this!'.

So step forward Labour minister Jim Fitzpatrick:
A Labour minister has reacted with fury after he and his wife were ordered into separate rooms at a Muslim wedding.

Jim Fitzpatrick stormed out of the London Muslim Centre after being told that strict Islamic rules meant his wife Sheila would have to move into another room.
And the usual suspects will be hard pressed to scream 'Islamaphobia!' because he's a regular at Muslim weddings, where this hasn't been an issue before:
'The segregation of men and women didn't used to be as much of a strong feature,' said Mr Fitzpatrick, the MP for Poplar and Canning Town.

'We've been attending Muslim weddings together for years but only recently has this strict line been taken.

'But it is an indication of the stricter application of rules that is taking place that didn't exist before.'
And step forward shop assistant Amevi Kouassi:
The fleeing robber was bigger than him and could have been armed, but shop assistant Amevi Kouassi didn't think twice about tackling the burly yob who attacked an old woman.

'I had to help,' he said. 'The way I was brought up in my home country of Togo, if you hear someone call for help, you have to go to their aid. It's what we are taught as children.

'It doesn't matter if you know them or don't know them. If someone is in trouble you need to help them. It is wrong to ignore them and walk away.'
Hear, hear....


Sue said...

I worry that Sharia Law is damaging women's lives in the UK and we are not protecting them as we should.

We are actively supporting an antiquated, barbaric legal system of treating women like second class systems by allowing it.

I am livid that it is acceptable by all the major parties.

JuliaM said...

Looks like at least one member of a major party has decided 'Enough is enough'. Let's hope he isn't just electioneering....

North Northwester said...

Maybe the spineless Labour worm is turning?
"Speak for England, Arthur."

Probabilistically-speaking, it's unlikely, but you never know.

staybryte said...

FitzPatrick was interviewed on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio2 today. Just before he came on there was a debate on the matter between a pleasantly agreeable chap from the Oxford Islamic education centre or somesuch, and a hopelessly idiotic white liberal named John Reese.

The Muslim chap said - paraphrasing somewhat - that a segregated wedding was unacceptable, unIslamic Wahabbi crap and he wouldn't stand for it in this country.

When Righteous Reese cranked up the moral relativist bull with the line: "Well, what about Nuns being forced into Nunneries eh?" (it was at this point I ran the car off the road and reached for my pick handle) our sensible Muslim pal simply shouted, "when in Rome", and asked liberal boy whether he'd be happy to attend an FGM ceremony in the name of multicultural harmony. Quite an eye opener.

JuliaM said...

"FitzPatrick was interviewed on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio2 today."

Ahh, I missed it. Must see if it's available on catchup!