Thursday, 20 August 2009

Green Paper Spells Danger

Via VetNurse, a warning about Labour's plans for the disabled:
What exactly is the Green Paper about?

The green paper is about the problem of paying for care as the UK’s population ages. It proposes setting up a National Care Service, like the National Health Service, to provide a universal system of care throughout the UK. Much of the document is devoted to discussing how to pay for this service, including making everyone pay a flat rate of £25,000 before or after they die, whether they ever need care or not; or making everyone over retirement age pay into an insurance scheme; or making people pay for part of their care depending on their means.

This is in addition to the proposal to take disability benefits off claimants and hand them over to the care service.

The National Care Service would only deal with your care needs. If you had to go into residential care you would still have to pay for accommodation, heating, lighting, food, clothes, toiletries, etc.
Yeah, because the NHS is working so well, we need an NCS too...


James Higham said...

It's going to be interesting when the bottom just falls out and there's no money left for anything. Should be interesting in Britain.

Sue said...

It's just more control isn't it? My mum died after suffering from ME for 20 years. It was hard enough getting disability benefit then!

Before that, she had worked for 40 years paying her NI contributions and the only time she was in hospital was to have my sister!

So, how much had she already paid into the system? She had no assets when she died, my dad had served in the British forces for years.

She was however, fiercely independent, even during her last years. She could pick and choose her carers and what care she had.

That would all be taken away.

This government is spending way too much money on itself and funding things and people they shouldn't be.

Witterings from Witney said...

Good spot Julia - have linked and will be posting in more depth later.

Nigel Sedgwick said...

My dear departed father had the initials NHS. He much enjoyed some aspects of this, in particular newspaper headlines such as "NHS Underpaid" (those were the days).

My initials are NCS.

Help; my family is being nationalised into a series of acronyms: can I sue, or can I get some special government benefit in perpetuity?

Best regards

malpas said...

Will not the total volume of aged votes outweigh anything the middle aged thing should be done. There are/will be an awful lot of baby boomers.

Rob said...

A flat rate of £25,000 taken before or after you die?

Another gigantic disincentive to save. Add that to the looming massive inflation from Brown's money-printing, and why would anyone bother to save a penny? The government will either destroy your savings or steal them.

Anonymous said...

So it's a tax really.