Friday, 21 August 2009

Words Not Matching Actions...

Shamed MP Mark Oaten has claimed that he had a sexual relationship with a man when he was just nine or ten years old.
No, Mark, you didn’t. You were abused.
In the book, called 'Screwing Up: How One MP Survived Politics, Scandal and Middle Age', he says: 'Clearly it was wrong, but it happened and I've not even been that worried about it.

'I have never felt abused, hold no grudge and do not wish to drag the case up today.'
Which is why you’ve included it in your book, I suppose…?

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NickM said...

Mark Oaten claimed when he allegedly paid for scat action with East European rent-boys that it was due to the stress of going bald.

Enough of that. I have some badgers to spot.