Saturday, 8 August 2009

”I warn you not to fall ill. I warn you not to get old…”

A 90-year-old war veteran has been banned from visiting his sick wife in her nursing home after he fell over and bumped into a nurse.

Dennis Woodward, who suffers from arthritis, said he lost his footing and reached out to a passing female member of staff for help as he toppled over.
Doesn’t that happen often in these sort of homes, inhabited and visited as they are by the frail and elderly?
But she accused him of trying to assault her and Sandhurst-trained Mr Woodward - who served as a captain in the Second World War - was escorted from the premises while staff called the police.

Now he has been warned not to return to the 52-bedroom nursing home to visit his 88-year-old wife, Hiltje, and told the police will be called again if his car is seen nearby.
Describing what happened at the Canford Chase Nursing Home in Poole, Dorset, he said: 'When I got up out of the chair, my knee gave way. It often does. I stumbled forward and held my arms out for somebody to help me, but a carer brushed me aside.

'I fell and landed on a chair - I must have knocked into her as I was going down. The next thing I knew I was being ordered to leave. I signed out in the visitors book and they showed me out the front door.'
That doesn’t seem to add up to me. If you consider this man a threat who has attacked a member of staff, would you really insist that he signed himself out first?
Mr Woodward said yesterday: 'I miss her desperately and I'm very worried about her all alone in there. She isn't really aware of what's going on around her any more, but she recognises me. She'll give me a little wave when I walk in the room and will kiss me back when I kiss her.'

He added: 'I've called up to ask when I can see Hiltje again, but they won't return my calls.

'Hiltje was a nurse when she was younger and she would think the care she is getting now is absolutely atrocious. She was promised privacy and dignity but instead she's got this.'
And ‘this’ is what is no doubt waiting for us all.

The superficial attractions of euthanasia become a little clearer now, don’t they?
A spokesman for Colten Care, which runs the home, said: 'There was an incident involving a visitor at the home, as a result of which the police were called and a member of staff had to go to hospital.

'To ensure the safety of our residents and staff, the visitor has been informed not to enter the home at this time.'

The statement also seemed to indicate that the incident had caused worries about a resident in their care.

The home's manager last night refused to clarify who this was, and the home declined to explain why a member of staff had been taken to hospital.
Curiouser and curiouser…


Anonymous said...

Care Homes, well there's a misnomer. More like "Give us your fucking money and we don't care homes".

Nothing more than privately run prisons for the elderly.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Three lines of thought on this one.

1)Behavioural Economists
2)Political Ponerology
3)Common Purpose

Heads up.

James Higham said...

Your warning in your heading is precisely what I was discussing with my mate. This is not the country to get ill or old.

Von Spreuth said...

Sorry not on topic. But you have either misseed, or AVOIDED this;

Quote:'Robocop' who targeted drug dealers died from heroin overdose

'Robocop' David Pilling tackled drug dealers but died after taking heroin

A police officer who was renowned for his work against London drug dealers was found dead in his flat from a heroin overdose.

David Pilling, 47, who was nicknamed "Robocop" for his efforts in tackling drugs, was found collapsed at his home in Camden earlier this year.

An inquest heard yesterday how an overdose of injected heroin killed the officer. Traces of cocaine and Ecstasy were also in his system.

His death in March shocked friends, colleagues and family, none of whom had any idea he took drugs.

Toxicology reports revealed his blood contained levels of heroin more than four times the amount associated with fatal overdoses.

Colleagues said he may have been experimenting and died of an accidental overdose.

An investigation found he had been looking at websites on how to take drugs just before his death.

Neighbours hire their own police force for £3 each a week
Gem raiders hold hostage at gunpoint as shots are fired in Mayfair street chase

PC Pilling built up a reputation for tackling drug dealers on his West End beat.

He once chased a dealer down a flight of steps in Tottenham Court Road on his motorbike.

Camden borough commander Dominic Clout said: 'PC Pilling was a truly valued member of staf f. He displayed no signs of drug use while at Camden.'

Tests showed PC Pilling was not a drug addict. A verdict of death by misadventure was recorded.

'Robocop' who targeted drug dealer died from heroin overdose | Mail Online

Colleagues said he may have been experimenting and died of an accidental overdose.

Quote:A verdict of death by misadventure was recorded.

You are fucking JOKING, right?

This has got to be the biggest load of fucking BOLLOX sinse the Bolivian police were found to be corruption free.

Who the FUCK is sending this coroner unmarked fat brown envelopes that he does not want to go through his accountant?

THIS stinks more than a year old dead Cod. (And YES! I HAVE had experience of one year old dead cod.)

Von Spreuth said...

Link here;

JuliaM said...

"Care Homes, well there's a misnomer."


"This is not the country to get ill or old."

No. Not any more.

"THIS stinks more than a year old dead Cod."

Yes, saw that. Odd case. A lot of the commenters to the 'daily Mail' story were wondering if this was a murder made to look like an ovderdose.

As you say, it stinks...

Leg-iron said...

So, the old guy can't get in and his wife can't get out.

It's possibly the most amazing thing the Welfare State has ever come up with. Prisons you pay to be in, with no bothersome trial beforehand. Solitary confinement on the whim of a compo-seeking 'carer'.

I'd rather be found dead in a ditch than end up in one of those places. Probably will be, too.

Fausty said...

Can we assume that he can't move his wife to another 'care home'?

Rob said...

The member of staff had to go to hospital because a 90 year old man bumped into her? WTF? Tactical visit?

Anonymous said...

Quote:'Robocop' who targeted drug dealers died from heroin overdose

I can't see a copper getting straight in to injecting heroin, he was probably ripping off the dealers to feed his own selfish habit and after smoking it on the baking tin foil they use for a while but then like all addicts he wanted to get even higher and so started injecting, this selfish twat of all people should have known better with all training he has received from ther force and all the misery he has seen at first hand that class (A) drugs have brought on our society , he got what deserved the fool. You can not go around giving it, I AM DER LAW around Camden and I will arrest you for having even a tiny amount of drugs (because I want them for myself) even if a police record destroys your life and career ROBOCOP don't care because I AM DER LAW and have no conscience, then I AM DER LAW ROBOCOP takes them home for his own use, I have taken this action solely because I AM DER LAW ROBOCOP will be much more informed then on the dangers of taking class (A) drugs and will therefore I will be able to do my job to a higher standard and maybe get an even better nickname, I will be able to destroy more young lives but I get a pat on the back from the boss and the boys and a new much better nickname, it's what the jobs all about, but what nickname could possibly be better than ROBOCOP, how about DICKHEAD COP, now there is an authoritarian nickname worthy of any junky bent copper. Bollocks, lets face it, he just did not want to pay for his drugs like every other poor addict has too, he just stole drugs from the most vulnerable of society. He abused his power for his own selfish ends, arresting dealers when he is off duty, sick sick fucker. But as the old saying goes, a PIG is a PIG 24/7. It's about time a bent copper paid the correct price and I'm even happier that it has PROVED without a shadow of doubt that even I AM DER LAW ROBOCOP can be bent and if ROBOCOP is BENT how bent are the shmucks of the force. Don't tell me either that this twat only stole drugs from dealers, he would want to pick on the most vulnerable of local addicts because they were the easiest targets for him to cover his own criminal tracks and that twat I AM DER LAW DICKHEAD COP new the addicts would not report him and this is how he fed his drug habit, just because he had a nickname does not mean he can take class (A) drugs with impunity and not expect to pay a price, in his case justice was delivered and about time too. By the way, I'm fully aware that I AM DER LAW is not from robocop but judge dread.