Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Remind Me Again…

…just why we call these people ‘travellers’?
A family of travellers is living in a £1million house at taxpayers' expense.

John and Serena Connors and their seven children have their rent paid by housing benefit.

Their landlady is trying to evict them because she claims they have caused tens of thousands of pounds of damage.

Her case is lent weight by a leaflet issued by the Metropolitan Police allegedly about the family, which claims they are suspects in a series of 'distraction' burglaries.
But the parents, who have five girls and two boys aged four to 19, are determined to stay put and are threatening legal action over 'racism against travellers'.

The Connors moved into the home in February with the help of Barnet Council in North London. They are benefiting from the Local Housing Allowance, which was introduced last year to encourage private landlords to take in the homeless because of a shortage of council housing.

The council is under obligation to find them a large enough house, hence the family being placed in one of the most expensive areas.
Hmm, I wonder why they were classed as ‘homeless’…
Businesswoman Sapna Bukhari and her IT project manager husband Zulfi, both 38, used to rent it to professionals for £4,000 a month.

But with the market deteriorating they agreed to let it out to the Connors for £2,400 a month through housing benefit, after being assured that they were 'good tenants'.
I’m sure they were too. Assured, that is….
Mrs Bukhari alleged: 'Within a few weeks of them moving in, a radiator was pulled off the wall and the water from it made the ceiling collapse.

'They failed to tell us about it promptly, they threatened me, my builder and my plumber, they abused me - calling me a "Paki" - and gave anti-Semitic abuse to neighbours.

' They've twice blocked the drains so sewage has flowed on to the pavement, have thrown food, clothes, cat excrement and all manner of rubbish into the gardens, and shout and scream vile obscenities.

'They won't even let the builders come in to carry out repairs. I'm worried the damage will cost tens of thousands.'
And they wonder why landlords are reluctant to take in the homeless…
Mrs Bukhari went on to claim that she had run into problems with paperwork while trying to evict them because the Connors 'seem to know the system'.

'Social services are paying their rent but I'm sure they will not stump up for the damage', she added.
I suppose it depends on what your contract covers. I bet this is one case where the council have made sure they arranged the minimum liability to them, for once.
The police leaflet was issued by the Totteridge Safer Neighbourhood Team to all houses in the street except the Connors.

Although the family is not named, officers apparently readily confirm to neighbours that members of it are involved.

Headed 'Warning', the leaflet tells of thieves targeting homes by 'asking to use your toilet and general stories of hard luck'. It says: 'All will end in them trying to enter your house and steal anything they can get their hands on.'

It adds that the suspects are 'from the travelling community', and describes two teenage girls with Irish accents.
Which is probably causes sphincters to flutter in the Met’s Diversity and legal teams!

Predictably, this has prompted the usual defence from the tenants:
Mrs Connors, who is originally from County Wexford in Ireland, agreed that the leaflet was targeted at her family but said: 'I'm making a complaint to the police about this leaflet.

'My kids are cheeky but they aren't thieves. We haven't damaged the house either.
'The landlady doesn't like traveller. It's racism, I'm going to get her done for harassment.'

She added that she didn't even want to live in the house and would prefer to be in a travellers' camp.
'They put people into places you wouldn't put dogs into,' she said.
Well, that last is certainly true. I wouldn’t put dogs in a £1 million house.
But if I did, they’d probably be less trouble….
A spokesman for Barnet Council said anyone evicted for unreasonable behaviour would not be rehoused, and a source said they were not aware of the family ever asking for an alternative home.
There’s a surprise…
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the force had not received a complaint about the leaflet.
I bet they will now!


Angry Exile said...

Travellers ≠ a race. This should be carved into the cricket bats of the England team, being as they are fuck all use for much else, which in turn should be twatted lightly about the heads and necks of any and every local council, race relations or meeedja prick who has ever contributed to the impression that pikeys are anything besides white people. Or who think that even if they really were a race it would give them any more licence than anyone else.

KS said...

'racism against travellers'.

Encouraging a traveller to travel (away, anywhere, soon as you like) is hardly racism!

James Higham said...

racism against travellers

Ah, I see KS has picked up on this. Maybe nationism or lifestylism or crimism.

blueknight said...

On 10th April 2002, the President of Ireland signed into law the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2), 2001.
Section 24 of the Act makes trespass on land a criminal offence for the first time. The Irish Government argued that the section is intended to deal with ‘large-scale unauthorised Traveller encampments by traders, Travellers from abroad and others not indigenous to an area and Travellers who have other homes. Traveller organizations, however, vociferously criticized the new law on the basis that it allows local authorities to evict Travellers indiscriminately without having to fulfill their responsibilities to provide halting sites or other suitable accommodation.
... which is probably why they come over here instead.

Anonymous said...

.....and there is plenty of evidence that the large unlawful 'traveller' camps are constructed by Irish Travellers or Tinkers, the wealthiest of whom seem to own large tracts of land and property in and around Limerick. The Irish loathe them and see them for what they are, intimidating criminals. In this country they are responsible for distraction burglaries, what used to be known as Burglary Artifice, of the worst kind, especially against the elderly (20K for a roof tile). They also play the politically correct liberal handwringers and the race game and the benefit system to the max knowing that nothing will happen to them because no one ahs the will to deal with them properly. No one in any tier of government that is - left to the great silent but increasingly agitated majority I feel lamp posts will be used and a new business in removing charred caravans would be profitable. Richard Littlejohn was excellent recently on this subject, especially on their cultural need not to pay tax. He lampooned recent initiatives by police forces (holding a traveller picnic on HQ lawns and special driving awareness days in an attempt to encourage travellers to conform ever so slightly to UK law by getting a licence and paying for insurance). Hippie travellers are few and far between and seem to follow the festival route and as for genuine Romany Gipsies - they all seem nicely settled thank you down here in kent - except whne it suits them that is. The Irish travelelrs are the big problem in the UK, they are a criminal parasitic mass who have managed to somehow ge the state to fund their criminal lifestyle and pander to their every need. Reported crime and anti-social behaviour reports increase in their orbit and the cost of legal action and clearing up after them can be phenomenal added to the slary of an outreach workeer or two. The UK is 'a mug'!

Rob said...

Travellers are the latest pet group of the liberal elite. They are untouchable. In fact, I am astonished by that leaflet from the Met. It must have been a local thing, unauthorised. Whoever printed that is going to get a severe bollocking, methinks.

As for the travellers themselves, who would have thought there were, looking at that photo? Isn't it absurd that the State is housing these scum in fine houses like this?

"They put people into places you wouldn't put dogs into"

You must have posh dogs.

I bet the landlady is very popular with her neighbours at the moment. Stupid twat.

Dr Evil said...

Why have theivinf IRISH pikeys been allocated a race all of heir very own? They are not an ethnic minority. They are caucasian Europeans. This race crap is utter madness!