Friday, 18 September 2009

Another Early Release Success Story…

But this time, it’s a real success story, thanks to the pluck of one WWII war veteran:
The court heard that Mr Michalski branded Gillespie a "weakling" after he wrestled the 47-year-old in a bear hug and then watched him turn red and gasp for breath.
Mr Michalski is 101…
Gillespie admitted befriending sprightly Mr Michaelski after a church service at Blackfriars Priory in St Giles, Oxon., on March 8.

The thief then travelled to the pensioner's home under the pretence of fixing a leaky roof but was later caught searching for the cash.
And what was he doing out and about and failing to steal from elderly pensioners?

Three guesses:
Gillespie, who was on early release from prison for burglary when he committed the theft, was arrested two weeks later after he was traced by a fingerprint left at the scene.
That early release scheme is going swimmingly, isn’t it?

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