Friday, 25 September 2009

I Though Mugging Was A Young Man's Game?

Clearly not:
Gurdial Matharu, 67, was on his way home from the Dartford Working Men’s Club in Essex Road when he was punched and kicked to the ground on April 23.

His attackers, Joselyn Watson, aged 38, of Priory Road, Dartford, was sentenced to seven years in prison and Brett Henderson, aged 37, of Trevithick Drive, Dartford, was given a six-year sentence.
Luckily, they were spotted and the police were called.
The pair took £160 and then fled after hearing police sirens.

Police found Henderson pushing Watson over a fence.

She ended up waist-deep in mud and had to be rescued by firefighters.
Which some would say was a waste of their time, frankly. Though looking at the state of her, at least it gave them some practice with their Large Animal Equipment for the next time a bullock falls into a swimming pool...

Did these two charmers have long criminal records, perchance?

Oh, yes:
Maidstone Crown Court heard mother-of-three Watson had previous convictions for common assault, theft and criminal damage.

It also heard father-of-three Henderson had previous convictions for criminal damage, battery and possessing an offensive weapon.

Mark Dacey, mitigating for Henderson, said his client was ashamed of his behaviour but could not remember the incident.

Alan Walmsley, mitigating for Watson, said she suffered depression and had been involved in a number of relationships, many of which contained ingredients of violence.
Does it disturb anyone else that the woman in this story (she's the one on the left, in the pictures, in case anyone is having trouble..) is described as 'a mother of three'?

Three what?


Trident said...

"three what?"

Just a stab in the dark (and that's what she deserves), ugly thugs?

JuliaM said...

I'm pretty certain of that.