Tuesday, 29 September 2009

British Workers Lose Out Again…

…to foreign competition:
British Asians are hiring contract killers to carry out up to 100 murders in India every year, according to campaigners in rural Punjab state.

BBC Asian Network understands targets such as family or business associates are lured to the sub-continent, where assassins can be hired for just £500.

Cheap foreign labour undercuts the hard-working British hitman again


Old BE said...

Presumably we have an extradition arrangement with India?

Stewart Cowan said...

We still have MI5.

JuliaM said...

"Presumably we have an extradition arrangement with India?"

I think the actual assassins are Indian/Pakistanis committing crimes on Indian/Pakistani soil, and just hired by English Asians.

Not sure we'd be able to extradite the button-men!

But we should definitely do something about the ones giving the orders...