Sunday, 20 September 2009

This Is Science, Folks..!

Parents who give their child the occasional glass of wine with their meal could be turning them into binge drinkers, scientists have warned.
Growing numbers of middle class parents are following the example of French families and allowing their offspring to drink wine with their meals, in the belief it will teach them to drink responsibly.
Oh, dear!

So, how many of the English or French families in this study have…

Oh, wait:
But now a study has found children who are introduced to alcohol by their parents are more likely to grow into problem drinkers later in life.

The research, to be published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, analysed data on 6,257 adult male and female Australian twins.
Say what…?

The research used Australian adults, to examine a habit popular with French society, and is being used by the ‘Daily Fail’ to draw conclusions about British children…?

Hmmm, I’m not convinced.

Back to the drawing boards, Einsteins. We aren’t swallowing just any old scaremongering fakescience anymore…


Unknown said...

Oh your so cynical Julia, I wonder why? Yet another "scientific" study by the banning fraternity. These "studies" are getting so tiresome, remember the "third hand smoke" study?

Rob said...

France, whenever I have visited the country, does not strike me as a place where binge drinking is a problem. In fact, I have never seen binge drinking there at all, except for one occasion, and that person was British!

They are talking out of their arse. Sadly, the MSM print this stuff as gospel and the ratchet goes click! again. If they can be taken seriously by implying France has a binge drinking problem, they can get away with anything.

Rob said...

Hey, I've just had a thought - wasn't French "cafe culture" the main argument for relaxing our licensing laws? Our pubs closed at 11, was the argument, which "caused binge drinking", and if only they didn't we could be like the French, who don't binge drink.

Yet suddenly, if one follows the 'logic' of this article, the French must binge drink. So why the "cafe culture"?

Someone's lying. My money is on the healthgruppen.

JuliaM said...

"These "studies" are getting so tiresome, remember the "third hand smoke" study?"


But I suppose we should be thankful, they are apparently getting over-confident, and so these are now easier to spot...

"Sadly, the MSM print this stuff as gospel and the ratchet goes click! again. "

It's amazing, really, considering a lot of the MSM, when 'UK binge drinking' first reared its head, were looking at the continent and wondering why it didn't happen there, as you point out.

So why has no editor looked at this article and said 'Hang on!'..?

"Someone's lying. My money is on the healthgruppen."

Mine too.

Angry Exile said...

I proposed doing a study on a few thousand Australian twins. Nearly got me chucked out of the country and Mrs Exile didn't speak to me for a month. Seriously, there's no comparison between Oz and France any more than the UK and France. There's a terrible binge drinking problem here if you believe the media - it's quite a way behind the UK if you ask me but that wouldn't sell many copies of newspapers and their moans about cashed up bogans drinking too much.

North Northwester said...

Hmm, so 'educating' primary school kids about safe sex, contraception, and relationships is fine and won't cause inquisitive and imitative behaviour, but let them or their older siblings have a glass of wine and that'll lead to binge drinking.

Joe Public said...

Or, as other research has proven: "Prolong their life"