Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Well, This Is Better Than That Episode Of ‘Dallas’….

…where ‘dead’ Bobby Ewing appeared in the shower:
A man who dreamed he had robbed a supermarket at gunpoint discovered he really had carried out the raid when his mother spotted him in a TV report.
Lester walked into the Budgens branch in Hellesdon, Norwich, wearing a hooded top and sunglasses, and then stood still, leading staff to think he was blind.

He held an air gun to the face of shop assistant Katrina Ross, 25, but she escaped and locked herself in a backroom with other staff. Lester left empty-handed.
Not even a stick of gum….?

They don’t make armed robbers like they used to…
He woke up one morning after the raid and told his mother that he had been having a nightmare about holding up a store with a gun, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Lester was arrested after his mother, who lives with him in Norwich, recognised him from CCTV pictures of the raid shown on the local TV news.

He later told police he could not recall the raid, but said it could have happened while he was experiencing a blackout.
How convenient…
Lester, who admitted attempted robbery and possession of an imitation gun, was given a one-year suspended jail sentence and a supervision order including mental health treatment. He had no previous convictions.

Judge Paul Downes told him: 'People who take even toy guns into shops would normally go to prison for quite a long time. But I have heard what has been said and it is clear you need help.'
Someone certainly needs help.

But I suppose the girl who had a gun stuck in her face should just think herself lucky she’s got a job, should she, Judge Downes..?

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