Saturday, 12 September 2009

"These attacks have not led to any riots and retaliation..." says the Tooting MP Sadiq Khan about the inter-racial problems that seem to be flaring up in vibrant, multicultural Tooting, as Laban has highlighted.

Seriously, Mr Khan, is that supposed to be a recommendation? Are we supposed to be thankful?

Well, perhaps we are. Because, as Mark Wadsworth highlights, elsewhere things kicked off spectacularly in response to provocation:
"If you take that excerpt at face value, it strongly suggests that the UAF and the 'young Muslims' caused most of the trouble. As the article does not say that "nine right-wing protestors were arrested" I strongly suspect that those arrested were mainly from the UAF or 'young Muslims' side of things."
And indeed it turns out to be so, pace the comments.

The 'Daily Fail' now has lots of photos of Muslim yoots hurling banners and breaking through police lines.
An Islamic leader with a loud-hailer appealed for calm from the protesters.

He said: 'We don't need any pictures on the TV of people fighting or shouting. Remember we're fasting, we're fasting right now.'

Despite his request, angry groups, many covering their faces with ski masks, motorcycle helmets and scarves continued shouting and throwing sticks at the police lines.
Which plays very well in the press, don't you think?

Played like pianos. As even Smirkin' Sunny Hundal has to admit.



Ian B said...

Relying on memory here, but so far as I recall the Battle Of Cable Street is a myth retconned by the left as being about anti-racism. Basically it was the kind of pitched battle between communists and fascists that were common in 1930s Europe. Nothing to do with solidarity with Jews- just two mobs of broadly similar fanatics fighting each other.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for looking into that. It is just as bad as I feared.

But all the same, the loony right-wingers are still responsible in the eyes of the MSM. Not sure why, seeing as they clearly aren't, but those are the rules of Victimhood Poker, I guess.

David Gillies said...

Yeah, Ian B, Cable Street was a myth conveniently hijacked after the fact. Commies vs. Nazis is a turf war. And Islamofascists + Leftists vs. skinheads is a retread.

May they all rot.