Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Getting Disenchanted With The Greens..?

Tenants should be stopped from buying council homes, according to council chiefs.

Brighton and Hove City Council’s minority Green administration believes selling more local authority properties will only deepen the housing crisis in the city.

The views, which the council says represents its 13,000 tenants and leaseholders, have been submitted to the Government as part of a national consultation on the right to buy scheme.
So, do they ‘represent their tenants’? Well…
lindi_lmf says...

Why shouldn't people here have the opportunity of buying their homes? They would be allowed a huge discount and where do the Greens expect the money to come from to build more social housing?

If tenants have worked hard, saved money and looked after their property, they should have the same chance as anybody else to be a home owner.
Quite so.

Oh, there’s plenty of agreement with the council, and the usual blaming of ‘this Tory government’ for everything, but there’s also encouraging signs that the bloom is well off the rose:
BeeJam says...

i'm getting
a bit fed up with these Greens. I've voted Green for the last 6 years or so but they are starting to really get my goat. I have an allotment - so they want to not just double but triple the amount i pay over three years. I am also saving to buy my BHCC council house but now they want to take that away from me too. It's not about RTB, it's about being able to keep enough of the money to build new homes. I'm not rich, but i work and am not on any benefits... - be careful Greens you are targeting the very people who put you where you are now.
Oh, dear….
lindi_lmf says...

What I find galling is that
the future leader of the Council, Jason Kitcat, had a very privileged public school education. Whether by assisted place or not, he had opportunies which are denied to many young people here.

Now he, and his party, want to draw up the ladder and deny the aspirational working class the chance of a good free school and chance to buy their home.
And the real reason for a goodly chunk of our ‘housing crisis’ gets a look in too:
ray ellerton says...

Right to Buy would be fine if the revenue raised from sales were re-invested in suitable council housing
for young LOCAL families, preferably those with a job....
I’ve a feeling the Greens are going to find themselves one-term winners.


Melonaid said...

The Greens are really the Greeds, but greed for their inflated sense of self-importance. They hold bizarre views because they don't understand what life is about.

They certainly do not represent people, or people's needs. But then, they are socialists so what did we expect?

Hexe Froschbein said...

We should not have rich council tenants in the first place -- why should everyone pay more tax so those people can rent social housing at peppercorn rates whilst everyone else is busting their gut trying to for their accommodation at the market rate?

Bottomline is, if you can afford to buy a house in the UK you are rich and so you should not qualify for social housing or sweetheart deals that rip off the taxpayer.

For once, the Greens actually have a sensible policy that I can agree with ;)

Humph said...

Jason Kitcat?? Shirley this a wind up.

Anonymous said...

of the Berkshire Kitcats?

jaded said...

Didn't somebody here call them watermelons?Green on the outside and red on the inside.

Anonymous said...

They are communists.
Or as known locally, watermelons.
Green outside, red inside.

Anonymous said...

The rents on "social housing" are about 80% of the private rents.
Since the majority are sub- standard their rent counts as about equal.

Anonymous said...

It's not difficult; stop giving houses to wogs, dagoes and any other detritus that just dropped off the banana boat and re-invest the revenues from sales in new builds.

But that would be just too easy, wouldn't it?

Disco Dave

selsey.steve said...

.... "...the future leader of the Council, Jason Kitcat..."
THAT tells you all that you ever need to know about THIS Council!

JuliaM said...

"The Greens are really the Greeds..."

I like that! ;)

"Bottomline is, if you can afford to buy a house in the UK you are rich and so you should not qualify for social housing or sweetheart deals that rip off the taxpayer."

Sadly, because taking money from everyone and then paying back to nearly everyone in tax provides for a huge job market in civil servants, we're unlikely to ever see the merry-go-round brought to a halt...

"Since the majority are sub- standard their rent counts as about equal."

Good point.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Jason Kitcat?

You made that bit up, didn't you.