Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More Incorrigibles…

Two teenage car thieves who between them rammed a police car, stole a £30,000 Mercedes and drove at three times the speed limit have been locked up.
No, not their first offence. Not even close
Joseph Holden and Thomas Noble were sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Monday for two separate events on top of their already-lengthy criminal records.
Oh, surely not!
As police gave chase the occupants of the car threw items out of the window at their pursuers.

Having topped 100mph on the approach to Heyford Hill Roundabout, the car, which was later written off, eventually clipped a kerb in Kennington and came to a halt.
Sadly, they both lived. There was one other surprise, though:
Mr Walsh said of Holden: “For reasons best known to him he was found with the tax disc between his buttocks.”
Wow! That must have been some crash!
Holden, of Hundreds Acres Close, Headington, admitted two counts of aggravated vehicle taking. The Oxford Mail was allowed to name him after successfully appealing to lift reporting restrictions.

Noble, of Old Road, Headington, has more than 25 previous convictions and admitted aggravated vehicle taking, taking a vehicle without consent, driving without insurance and making off without payment.
And what did they get? Well, it states ‘locked up’, so….
Holden was given an 18-month detention and training order and Noble was given 15 months in a young offender institution. Both were banned from driving for three years.


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“For reasons best known to him he was found with the tax disc between his buttocks.”

Not really. Depends which way you are facing.

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