Thursday, 23 February 2012

Why Was Nathan McLeod Freed On Bail To Murder?

A teenager guilty of stabbing a 15-year-old to death committed the murder just hours after appearing in court accused of attacking a gas man with a knife.
Incredibly, he got bail despite the unprovoked nature of the attack:
Earlier that day McLeod had appeared at Camberwell Youth Court accused of a violent attack on a gas man who had come to service the boiler. He was due to go out when the gas man arrived, and injured the technician using a bread knife and threw a brick at his van, the court was told.
McLeod was given an eight-month detention and training order for the attack.
At least the judge in this case decided not to let him remain anonymous:
After the verdict was given on Monday, Judge Gerald Gordon lifted a court order so that the teenager could be publicly named.
He’ll be sentenced for the killing in March along with several others.

One to watch…


Quiet_Man said...

I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky if he even gets a suspended sentence such is my lack of faith in criminal justice these days.

JuliaM said...

I predict five years (and out in three).

Anonymous said...

I went school with this kid he is a total nob but i didnt think he would ever stab someone? Just a aldolealscent kid and 10 years in prison will do him good :)

Anonymous said...

i went to school with him too. had a little gang in kemnal and its shocking because i saw this guy everyday at school never knowing that he had what it takes to take someone's life... he deserves 14 years to be honest and hopefully that 14 years will change him