Wednesday, 8 February 2012

That Old Legal Aphorism Needs Updating...

There's an old legal aphorism that goes:

"If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table."

To that we can now add 'And if you have a race card to play, play it, sistah!'

I didn't need to watch very long, as Quiet Man pointed out:
A Swansea-based charity under investigation for misuse of public funds is facing racially motivated criticism, in the opinion of its chairwoman.
Well, of course it is. What else could it possibly be..?
She said: "It has become increasingly clear in recent days that Awema has become the stick with which to beat the Welsh Government.

"The glee with which the press and television convey the partisan attacks of opposition politicians is catching Awema in its backwash, creating the unedifying spectacle of a concerted attempt by powerful institutions to characterise Awema as a corrupt organisation: a time honoured way of debasing and devaluing the contributions of black and minority ethnic people, often on the basis of scant evidence, which is well known to many of us.

"It is as though the great, the good and the powerful have already rushed to judgement and made their minds up about what should happen to Awema, long before the Welsh Government Internal Audit, with which we have been co-operating fully, has reported. It was always the way."
As we can see from the comments to this article, I am far from the only one to have expected this...
Dr Austin added: "Awema...[is] developing civic and citizenship values in black and minority ethnic communities and encouraging their involvement in electoral politics — hardly encouraged by the sight and sound of senior politicians having a pop at us for their own merriment or to make partisan party political points when a person of colour does put up for election and is supported by other persons of colour."
Well, it has to be said, Awema is doing a bang up job in 'encouraging their involvement in electoral politics'. They'll fit right in with the den of thieves, reporbates and nepotists in central and local government, won't they?

They certainly seem to have come off the starting blocks with an initial burst of speed, anyway...


Tattyfalarr said...

"paying off credit card debts worth £9,340, which was claimed as an advance on future expenses

Which means he just couldn't wait to get his hands on taxpayers cash...couldn't be bothered to fill out paperwork and provide receipts to fiddle it on expenses in the usual way...and just went nuts with his own credit cards instead.

It's Fraud, plain and simple. Is this really the kind of man welsh Ethnic Minorities want representing them ? They should be up in arms about it.

Antisthenes said...

All those decades pushed on by the left to create a more just and fair society has done nothing more than to move the balance of power from one section of society to another section of society. Injustice and unfairness continues unabated coupled with which the process is destroying our society and economy.

Captain Haddock said...

These so-called "Ethnic Minority" groups never cease to amuse me, they constantly bleat for the establishment of a "level playing field" and that they be treated "the same as everone else" ..

Whilst at the same time screeching hysterically for special treatment ..

Has it not dawned on them that no-one, not even them can have it both ways ?

If they wish to be treated like everyone else, then they should STFU & get on with their lives, just like the rest of us have to do ..

If its special treatment which they seek, they must be prepared for people to ask "Why, what makes you so special then" ?

The way things are going in this country, very soon, the only genuine "Ethnic Minority" will be those of us who were born indigenous English ..

Uncle Badger said...

This can't be true. I didn't hear about it on the BBC!

nisakiman said...

I wonder what makes "persons of colour" more acceptable to the arbiters of PCdom than "coloured people"? Odd one that.

Poor dear. You can't blame her really, what with being racially abused and all that. Still, perhaps those nice policemen and courts will let her keep her job, and the money and the council will give her the big pay rise she so obviously needs. I mean, it's only fair, isn't it? After all, I'm sure what she did is quite acceptable in her own culture, and what with us being multi-cultural an' all, we should encourage our valuable immigrant population to celebrate their culture.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought the fuckwit lefties can chew on, if they can...

White is all colours mixed together, but black is the absence of all colour.

So white people represent all colours. Got it now, leftoids?

Dr Cromarty said...

The vast number of cases documented here and elsewhere on the web lead one to the inevitable conclusion that ethnically based organisations bring their corruption with them.

Pakistanis for instance seem to behave as though they were still in Lahore - misuse and syphoning of public funds, backhanders to corrupt, partial politicians, vote-rigging, rape gangs, honour-killings and no-go areas.

What did the leftoids think when they encouraged their immigration. that we'd all sit round the table like one big happy family and that a bunch of savages would suddenly follow the rules through a process of osmosis.

JuliaM said...

"Is this really the kind of man welsh Ethnic Minorities want representing them ? "

It seems quite common in these sorts of organisations. So I can only assume the answer's 'Yes'.

" move the balance of power from one section of society to another section of society."

Spot on! This is being treated as nothing more than 'Buggin's Turn'!

"This can't be true. I didn't hear about it on the BBC!"

It's amazing what you won''t hear on the Beeb, isn't it? ;)

"I wonder what makes "persons of colour" more acceptable to the arbiters of PCdom than "coloured people"? "

Mmm, I wondered that, after that fuss they made about the term the other day!