Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Who Steals A Dog?

A dog owner has hailed community spirit after her pet was returned less than 24 hours after being stolen from outside a shop.
Eh..? Is she sure it was stolen? Maybe it just ran off?
She mounted a huge operation in the village to get Cindy back, putting posters up in shop and pub windows and on lampposts and asking friends and families to join the search.

Fortunately, CCTV footage clearly showed a man peer into the shop before untying the dog and walking away with her.
Good grief! Who steals a…

The images prompted officers to visit local Traveller sites with the intention to execute search warrants.
Well, look on the bright side, at least they did indeed plan to do something! That’s not always been the case…
About 15 minutes later Cindy was seen walking home.
Gosh. What a coincidence. How’d they know, I wonder?
An 18-year-old man handed himself into police and was cautioned for the theft.
Ooooh! Harsh!

Still, she can count herself lucky that at least no violence was used:
The couple, both 20, went to the breeder's home in Ellistown, Coalville, in response to a Kennel Club advert offering two chihuahua pups for sale.

Posing as prospective buyers, their visit suddenly turned nasty when Caroline Wilsher tried to leave while holding both puppies, said Alan Murphy, prosecuting.

"The complainant became uneasy and got up to try and get the dogs back," said Mr Murphy.

"Amos Wilsher grabbed one puppy and threw it on the floor, causing it to land with such a thud the owner thought it was dead. He pushed her away and grabbed her by her hair and punched her four times.

"She was shocked and realised both defendants had run off with the remaining puppy.

"She suffered facial bruising, swelling and had a bald patch on her head."

The woman still has pain in an eye and numbness in her gums, the court heard.

She was traumatised by the attack, and now feels on edge and has difficulty sleeping.
The puppy thrown onto the tiled floor survived.
And there was a happy ending (of sorts):
Amos Wilsher and wife Caroline were due to be sentenced on Wednesday but the judge adjourned the hearing after an 11th-hour offer from the dock to return the missing chihuahua, worth £1,200.

The dog was then delivered to Wilsher's solicitor Paul Tubb, who handed the animal to the police for its safe return to the breeder from whom it was stolen.

On being told yesterday the healthy puppy was back with its owner, Judge Lynn Tayton QC jailed Wilsher for three years.
He’ll serve half. Or even less.
Wilsher and his wife, both of Good Friday Caravan Park, Heath Road, Coalville, claimed they did not anticipate violence would have been used.
Wilsher pleaded guilty to robbery. His wife admitted theft of the dog, because she was not involved in the attack.

Caroline Wilsher was given a 36-week detention sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work.
Oh, for…

He’s not just a dog thief and violent, oh no:
Amos Wilsher further admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance on the same date.

He also pleaded guilty to theft of eight temporary traffic light batteries, worth £73 each, on August 12 last year.
*bangs head on desk*
Paul Tubb, mitigating for Amos Wilsher, said his client wanted the dog to pay off a drugs debt of £700 after receiving threats.

His life went out of control following the death of his aunt, who was more like a mother to him, said Mr Tubb.

"Returning the dog goes some way to suggest he wants to make amends," he said.
Not at the eleventh hour, it doesn’t!
Steven Newcombe, for the wife, said his client was led into criminality after marrying Amos Wilsher 12 months ago.
Yeah, I’m sure she didn’t realise what she was marrying into…


Michael Fowke said...

A dog rustler?

Anonymous said...

I know people who would happily execute anybody who stole their pet. Call it a child substitute if you will, but the bond of care and trust afforded by sane* people to their pets is, methinks, one of the better facets of our society.

I used to tie my JRT bitch outside shops in a local town before some kind young bloke told me that the "pikies"** would nick her. Naively I mentioned that she was microchipped. He smirked and told me that they just use a penknife to cut the chip out. Lovely.

* Yes some people go overboard with 20 cats and/or diamond collars.

** dreadful expression. I prefer locationally challenged people.

JuliaM said...

"A dog rustler?"

It seems to be getting more popular. The Yanks had the right idea in dealing with horsethieves.

"I know people who would happily execute anybody who stole their pet. Call it a child substitute if you will, but the bond of care and trust afforded by sane* people to their pets is, methinks, one of the better facets of our society."