Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hey, Judges! How About Sparing Us For A Change?

A judge has spared a burglar prison because his sisters have said they will move him away from Derbyshire and try keep him out of trouble.
Or perhaps just keep him off Recorder Ward's patch?
Recorder Ward said: "Until I got to the part in this case where I read letters from your family it seemed the realistic thing was to send you to jail but it is the letters from your sisters that have made me change my decision.

"Because of what they say I can let you go to Wales and see if you can stay off the drugs and keep out of trouble. I am sure you are aware this is not just a case of geography and you are going to need a great deal of support."
A teenager who has committed burglaries since he was 14 was spared a prison sentence so he can be a "brilliant dad" to his baby daughter.
Oh, for...! His name's Mark Badman. Yes, really!
Badman's partner Chelsea Bartlett told the court: "I had my baby three months early and he was there with me when I did. She is nearly six months old now.

"He is a brilliant dad to his daughter. I think having her has really made an impression on him."
Someone in the comments disagrees:

“how can he sit there and say that when it anit even his kid he has just used it as an excusse to get ot of jail how sick can u get its that sad that he didnt even say about his little boy and for the girlfriend how she could sit there and lie in court knowin that it anit his kid
'Paging Jeremy Kyle... Jeremy Kyle to the courtesy telephone!'


Antisthenes said...

The criminal justice system is no longer about deterrence, punishment and protection of society. It no longer serves the public only the system and those in it. It has changed to accommodate the political ideology of the bleeding heart and egalitarian variety. Our move away from personal to collective responsibility now means that each and everyone of us are as guilty as the criminal in his/her unlawful acts. So the punishment and deterrence is now diluted by being spread evenly amongst society as a whole. Before society could lock up their miscreants and wash their hands of them. No longer now we have to accept them more and more back among us so as to take our share of their burden.

A salt and battered said...

"...It no longer serves the public only the system and those in it...."

Indeed, but the ideology of which you speak does not exist, Antisthenes.

There is no long term thought for the consequences. We passively witness the self-serving whilst they heap their oversize plates with the largest possible portions.

Antisthenes said...

JM: I believe the ideology does exist it permeates everything socially and economically all around us every day. It is now part of our culture and most of our attitude, it is what has given us a society based on entitlement and avaricious consumption. It is actually a laudable ideology but the unintended consequences of it are for some of us too unpalatable to swallow. Perhaps I should have said instead of "to accommodate", "because of".

jaded said...

I won't hear a word against the Jeremy Kyle show.I watch it avidly.

It should be compulsory viewing for the middle-class Daily Mail readers so they realise who the police deal with consistently. Lazy,ugly,criminal,fat,promiscuous, lacking in morals,covered in tattoos-that's just the women!

Dr Evil said...

Surely the Chav should have learned how to spell and write grammatically at school? Dreadful.

Anonymous said...

Lazy, ugly, criminal, fat, promiscuous, lacking in morals and covered in tattoos - harsh but nobody is better placed to describe policewomen, Jaded.

jaded said...

How predictable Melvin.
Where's your fellow asylum bed-fellow Ciaran?
Isn't it time for your nap?

A salt and battered said...

I thought I heard a woman scream. Is everyone OK?

JuliaM said...

"Our move away from personal to collective responsibility now means that each and everyone of us are as guilty..."

Indeed. Certainly seems that way when you read the 'Guardian', anyway!

"It should be compulsory viewing for the middle-class Daily Mail readers..."

Ah, but they wouldn't believe it was real. How much in the 'Daily Mail' is true, after all?

jaded said...

Melvin I heard a woman scream as well-have you checked your basement?