Monday, 20 February 2012

Priti Patel For Next Home Office Post?

A burglar responsible for more than 650 crimes and dubbed the "one-man million-pound crimewave" has been released from prison 18 months into a five-year sentence, the Chronicle can reveal.

Bradley Wernham, 21, was released last week after confessing to committing 662 crimes across Essex in a six-year reign of terror that caused a 500-per-cent spike in burglaries in Chelmsford alone.
It’s like a particularly unfunny joke, isn’t it? Only the punchline’s on us…
Witham MP Priti Patel said: "Residents across Essex will be deeply alarmed to see this prolific burglar back out on our streets.

"The fact that he has been let out of prison this soon is insulting to his victims and he has yet again escaped proper punishment for the appalling crimes committed."

He, of course, displays the attitude that the criminal justice system has trained into him with it’s lax punishment – contempt for decent people and an overweening sense of entitlement:
But when confronted by the Chronicle Wernham refused to apologise for his reign of terror, instead asking us for £5,000 for his 'story'.

"You don't know the half of what I've done," he said.
Lovely specimen…
Mrs Patel, who has written to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to voice her disapproval, added: "Those responsible for letting this serial offender out so early need to explain their decision and have some serious questions to answer.

"This individual has caused a huge amount of misery to his victims, who have once again been sidelined by a justice system more interested in letting criminals off the hook than protecting the public."
It’ll be interesting to see if she gets a response back from ol’ Fatchops.

But if iDave wants to replace the useless duffer and get a new broom in, maybe he should cast his eyes towards Witham?


David Gillies said...

I want Priti Patel as PM, never mind some humdrum Cabinet minister. She's probably the best of the crop of new young Tories.

Jiks said...

She actually has some sense, that rare thing in an MP.

She is against debt, for capital punishment, has a brain and therefore no chance of success in our current limp-wristed so-called government.

blueknight said...

She is saying what the public are thinking. Let's hope that Dave is listening...

Anonymous said...

Dave is a complete pratt. i'd vote for her tho'!

selsey.steve said...

Mr. Bradley Wernham, let me introduce you to Messrs Smith and Wesson, in their .40 calibre incarnation.
Please also say "Hello" before we say "Goodbye".

Hexe Froschbein said...

OT... Julia, re feeding the 'poor' so they don't have to waste their free money on food -- check this out:

What did I say about ring fencing the free stuff just for the bosses on the dole?


JuliaM said...

"She's probably the best of the crop of new young Tories."

It's not hard to be outstanding in that field!

" Let's hope that Dave is listening..."

I very much doubt it.

"What did I say about ring fencing the free stuff just for the bosses on the dole?"

Heh! At least here, they've got an 'out' in the form of the conditions placed on the donation.

Anonymous said...

Yes ... the design is clearly needed to be changed :)
The dark green color would fit perfectly xD

Anonymous said...

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