Monday, 6 February 2017

A Salutary Warning To Employers...

...hiring someone to get a tick in that 'mentally handicapped worker' box to please HR might turn out badly:
She admitted fraud by abuse of position but was handed an 18 month suspended prison sentence after Judge Ian Graham heard she was “easily-led” and suffered from bi-polar disorder.
Thank god it was RBS, and not the Nuclear Research Facility that said 'Hey, we haven't got any fruitloops, let's hire some!'...
The fraud was uncovered in September 2015 after members of the gang were arrested by the NYPD, following suspicious purchases.
Officers found text messages from three phone numbers listed as Charlie, Charlie 2 and Charlie New. Kenny listed one of the numbers with her own human resources department at RBS. She was arrested at work by City of London Police.
After destroying a loose SIM card in her pocket she told officers: “I know what it looks like but it’s to protect someone else.”
*makes twirly motion with finger round head*
Matthew Bone, mitigating, said Kenny was “vulnerable” because of her psychiatric condition and one of the fraudsters was an associate of her uncle.
He said: “It’s quite clear that this lady was not the brains behind this operation. She was not even one of the people committing the fraud.
“She is a lady who would struggle in a custodial setting and a lady who is very anxious about her future today.”
Clearly, she had no reason to be.

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