Saturday, 4 February 2017

Who's Crying Now...?

Oh, yeah. You are, aren't you?
The 51-year-old wailed as her six-month jail sentence was announced, and her husband and other relatives in Teesside Crown Court's public gallery sobbed.
Mmmmm, delicious tears, hot and salty...
Initially, she claimed she was threatened that her car would be burnt out and her Stockton home would be targeted if she did not carry out orders to take drugs into Holme House Prison in the town.
She said an unnamed man had put her under pressure to take the cocaine and pentanone - also known as alpha pvp or gravel - into the category B jail.
Prosecutor Paul Newcombe told the court that messages found on Kemp's mobile phone showed she was being paid for it, and it had been well-planned.
Blimey, a defence so weak even our judicial suystem wasn't fooled!
Joanne Kidd, mitigating, said Kemp had never before been tempted to smuggle anything illegal into the jail while visiting her son over the years.
Translation: "...had never been caught."
The court heard how Kemp, who walks with two crutches, has had five operations on a back problem, and prison would be difficult to cope with.
She was agile enough to get into the visitor's room, so she'll not have many problems getting to her cell!
Judge Morris said: "I'm sceptical you didn't know what they were. You didn't tell the truth, you were not coerced. This was emotional nagging for you to do what your son wanted."
'Your son who was already in prison for drug offences...' was left unsaid.


Reverse Dutch Steamboat said...

"prison would be difficult to cope with."

I thought that was the general idea. Several reasons I would find prison difficult to cope with:
(1) no booze
(2) sodomy (I'm too young and pretty)
(3) my boss not buying the "I'm working from home for the next 5 - 7 years" line *
(4) hiding my tobacco stash in my bottom (see point 2, above)
(5) losing my BA gold card

I have more to lose than Miss Kemp, I don't see what she's wailing about.

* I could claim six months as a sabbatical, though

JuliaM said...

"I thought that was the general idea."

Well, quite!