Monday, 27 February 2017

Too Much To Hope She Meant 'Suspended Above The Lion Enclosure'..?

A judge told Alexander Beerjeraz, 25, he “richly deserved” prison but instead she handed him an 18-month sentence suspended for two years.
Beerjeraz, who now has a £37,500-a-year job in events management, admitted theft and wept as sentence was passed.
Wait, what? Someone else employed him?


Ted Treen said...

So he will pay for 15 years, four months - plus any additional time required to cover interest due. I wonder how long he will actually pay for, now he's got away with it - sorry, I mean now he's been given an appropriate sentence,

JuliaM said...

It's no deterrent, is it?

Anonymous said...

this does not mention how he has mental health issues or personal problems. Fair trial. His other role has probs ended once they saw the article