Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Who Said Crime Doesn't Pay? Part 21457932547789

Sinia Tavernier, 37, of Gilroy Court in Thornton Heath, went on a thieving spree across south London supermarkets, including stealing charity boxes in Sainsbury’s Clapham Junction, and more than £1,000 worth of alcohol.
She has been jailed for two weeks.
This came after she stole another Royal British Legion charity box three days earlier from the same Sainsbury’s on November 10. She also stole alcohol from multiple Sainsbury’s locations across south London from October 10 to November 11, including in Tooting, Wallington, Wimbledon and Bell Green, totalling in value of £1,064. Morrisons in Sutton also had £308.74 worth of alcohol stolen by Tavernier on October 10, and Tesco in Lewisham had alcohol stolen worth £254.75 on October 5. Tavernier also stole £324.70 worth of goods from Waitrose in Horley on November 9.
She pleaded guilty to all the offences at Wimbledon Magistrates' Court on December 8.
She's a one woman crime wave!
Tavernier had been on a suspended sentence of four weeks imprisonment for 12 months from September 9, for stealing £179 worth of alcohol from Marks and Spencer in Lewisham on May 16, and £345 worth of alcohol from Marks and Spencer in Bromley on May 17.
Isn't it about time we found better sentences for recidivists?


DJ said...

Yep, that's the thing. Leaving aside real, dyed in the wool, hell holes, lot of the crime is committed by a very small number of people. They leave a slime trail of injuries and property damage wherever they go, but the government doesn't want to jail them because it's 'too expensive'.

CJ Nerd said...

"We've tried nothing, and we're all out of ideas".

The Simpsons Ned's Parents

JuliaM said...

"...but the government doesn't want to jail them because it's 'too expensive'."

And they provide a great deal of employment for government workers in the Home Office.

"The Simpsons Ned's Parents"

I do love that quote ;)