Friday, 10 February 2017

Won't He Just Go And Get Another One..?

Sergeant Paul Flynn said: “We received a report back in February involving the same Staffordshire bull terrier, officers investigated and followed the appropriate steps at the time.
Which was no doubt to give 'words of advice', then nip back to the station to tick a box...
"In May, following further concerns from the public, the dog was examined by an expert but was confirmed not to be a banned breed.
Which doesn't matter under the new legislation, which states that any dog can be considered 'out of control' and therefore dangerous.

You have bothered to read it have a competent adult read it to you, surely?
"However, following this second incident, the Staffordshire bull terrier has been voluntarily handed to officers who, in agreement with the owner, has now been put to sleep."
The officers, or just the dog? And what charges does he face? You know he can be charged, don't you?

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