Saturday, 18 February 2017

Selective Reading...

Lea Ledesma made a series of mistakes which led to the death of Ali Huseyin, 76, at London Heart Hospital on May 7, 2014.
The grandfather was recovering from a successful heart bypass when she gave him type AB blood instead of group O. He died the same day.
Ledesma, 49, tried to pin her fatal mistake on a colleague in the intensive care unit.
Remember what I said at the time, over at 'OoL'? Did anyone bet on a custodial?

If you didn't, congratulations!
There were jubilant scenes from the former nurse and her supporters at Southwark Crown Court on Thursday as she was spared jail.
The public gallery was packed with dozens of her family, friends and former hospital colleagues, many of whom had written letters of support for her.
Ledesma, of Stevenage in Hertfordshire, wept and hugged relatives after being given an 18-month suspended sentence and a community work order.
They formed a prayer circle in the courtroom and could be heard praising God and thanking Jesus.
Funny, I thought the Bible had things to say about bearing false witness...
The court usher eventually asked them to leave after they continued chanting and celebrating for several minutes. The group then posed for pictures inside the building before being stopped by court staff.
Extraordinary behaviour. It's almost as if she's won the lottery. Apparently, though, you get much better odds on winning the British 'justice' system.


Reverse Dutch Steamboat said...

"you remain certain that the details of the other Mr Hussain were shown on the deceased's monitor"
Rather comforting to realize that I have what's unfairly described as a "common" surname, but by the time I end up in hospital it will be rare. Like AB.

AIRI AB is the universal recipient and O the universal donor, respectively for + and -. Please correct me if I am wrong. This is why they kept on calling me to donate more blood (I am not O). 50 DM a time, party on!

So when you switch that machine to give you AB, you know it's the equivalent of a skinny fairtrade soya blue mountains decaff that would kill anyone but a LibDem voter. You'd best make sure the patient has a beard and is wearing sandals - even the men.

But we celebrate multiculturalism, and a stiff upper lip may not apply to some cultures. Why not let them fire AK-47s into the air to show their delight? The ushers committed hate crimes, IMO.

FrankC said...

I thought AB- is the universal donor type. O- may be universal recipient, not sure.

Anonymous said...

Tis the fashion - if you can get a 'protest' going with the promise of riot etc - then your cause is not only just but will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Frank C: AB has antigens A and B, O neither. An O person will react catastrophically if infused with these foreign antigens, hence O is universal donor and AB can tolerate O, A, B and AB blood, hence universal recipient.

JuliaM said...

"...but by the time I end up in hospital it will be rare. Like AB."


"Tis the fashion - if you can get a 'protest' going with the promise of riot etc - then your cause is not only just but will prevail."

Slowly but surely, our country is leaving us.