Monday, 13 February 2017

"It's OK, Ms Chicken, Mr Fox Will Be Your Care Worker..."

Chamayne Watkins, 27, was sent a care worker by Greenwich council to help her with her children after her abusive partner left her.
However when Ms Watkins decided to google his name, Keith Preddie, she discovered he had a conviction in 2013 for assaulting his wife.
Say, that name seems somehow...familiar:
Keith Preddie said at the time of his conviction that he planned to campaign against domestic violence.
Why, so he did!
A Greenwich council spokesperson said: "While the person concerned is not directly employed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich we take all safeguarding concerns seriously and have referred this matter to Children's Safeguarding and Social Care Services.
“This therefore means we're unable to comment any further at this stage but want to reassure that we are giving this matter our full attention”
It would have taken less time to just say 'Ooops!' wouldn't it?

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