Saturday, 9 March 2019

I Don't Think Anyone Else Can Comprehend It Either...

Dalton-Byrne had asked Mr Ward for a fag and when he said he didn’t have one, the teen started to stab him in the arms and legs.
The victim fell to the floor and the teenager continued the attack before he was dragged away by his pal.
Mr Ward's friend stopped a passing cyclist who called an ambulance but he died a week later from “catastrophic” blood loss.
Just a couple of hours later Dalton-Byrne went to a friend’s house still covered in Mr Ward’s blood. He boasted: “I have just done an M bro” and gave details of stabbing Mr Ward in the leg and shoulder.
The shocked friend recorded him making the confession on his phone which he posted on social media.
Thus making him pretty easy to catch...
Dalton-Byrne had protested his innocence...
Heh! Yeah, good luck with that, kid!
Following the verdict there were clashes between the families of the victim and the defendant and Timothy Raggatt QC, defending, said it might help for time to pass “for temperatures to cool.”
Sure, passage of time being a great healer, and all that. Say, what was your defence, anyway?
Mr Raggatt said: “He is someone with difficulties and has a damaged personality in many ways.
"To be quite blunt whether he comprehends the enormity of what he has done is not exactly clear.”
He seemed to be well aware of what he did. It's other people that are having issues comprehending it.
Adding: "He is one of society's casualties in that sense."
No, I think you'll find the casualty here is Mr Ward. But it's actually society to blame, at least partly. There will have been many, many warning signs and indicators along the way that this feral product of a feral clan would turn out wrong.

But as usual, nothing was done.

H/T: StateControl via Twitter


Anonymous said...

One of the tenets of the Frankfurt School of Thought in how to destroy society peacefully, is to make that society accept that victims bare the offenders and the offenders, the victims. That seems to be working. Just consider how many other tenets have either been enshrined in law or accepted as normal.

Just Trevor said...

No doubt his solicitors will agitate for his basic human right to have baked hedgehog on the menu.

JuliaM said...

"That seems to be working."

Certainly in our court system.

"No doubt his solicitors will agitate for his basic human right to have baked hedgehog on the menu."