Monday, 4 March 2019

And The Connection Is…?

A fan of American rapper Eazy-E has been successful in a campaign to get his town to immortalise his hip-hop hero.
Last week, Newhaven resident Guy Stevens demanded his town council erect a statue to the star of Gangsta rap group NWA.
Hmmm. Might be a little difficult when you can't spell out the full name of this ensemble without causing a public order offence...
Newhaven Town Council had previously admitted it had “no idea” who Eazy-E is.
Lucky them!
But has now said it will allow the super fan to build a bench in his honour.
Probably in a 'Oh, just let him, so he'll go away!' mood...
A jubilant Mr Stevens said: “It’s a great day not just for myself but for the future of Newhaven. I might push for someone to fly over from America for the ceremony.”
Anyone in particular? But wait, what's the connection with Newhaven? Did he come from here?
The rapper from Compton, California, achieved success in the early Nineties with songs such as F*** Tha Police, Express Yourself and Real Mutha******** Gs.His life was also portrayed in 2015 film Straight Outta Compton.
He died of Aids in 1995.
Hmm. Seems not. Seem's there's no connection.
Mr Stevens created an online poll which found 36 people would be in favour of an Eazy-E monument.
*laughs* I've seen bigger online polls for people's favourite brand of crisp!


Just Trevor said...

Please tell me this is Newhaven in Retardistan, not East Sussex.

JuliaM said...

Sorry! :)