Friday, 8 March 2019

Don't Look At What They Say...

...look at what they do. This applies to the furore over knife crime as much as anything else.
A privately educated 17-year-old accused of murdering teenager Yousef Makki in a knife attack in Hale Barns has been granted bail by a judge.
Yes. You read that right. Bail.
Unusually, the bail application made by barrister Kate Blackwell QC was held in chambers, that is press and public were excluded from the 90-minute hearing.
Surely the State will object?
Judge David Stockdale QC initially made no mention of whether he had bailed the boy but said: 'Following the decision taken earlier this morning, I understand prosecution do not appeal the decision.
'The trial is fixed for June 18 and listed for a five to seven day estimate. The stages are set. The PTPH will be before the trial judge or before me on 29 April. I make no further direction.'
Afterwards when asked by the press for clarification, the judge then came back into court and said: 'The factual basis for the defendant being bailed is not for public knowledge.
'The terms of conditions under which I cannot avail due to the course of hearing in chambers, and I don't suppose to say anything for reasoning. The bail applications was heard in chambers and I have granted bail.
'The conditions which I have granted bail are not a matter of public knowledge nor are the reasons why. I have nothing more to say about that.'
What's all that huff about 'justice being seen to be done'..? Yeah. Thought so.


Anonymous said...

Not condoning this decision but a 17 year old is not an adult so bail is often given. Plus I'm guessing he's a public schoolboy and rich parents probably guaranteed a secure address. I'll be interested to see how this story pans out....very short trial date for a murder.

JuliaM said...

"Plus I'm guessing he's a public schoolboy and rich parents probably guaranteed a secure address."

Wouldn't 'rich parents' also make more of a potential flight risk..?