Thursday, 14 March 2019

Only In Brighton...

A vegan pirate will be teaching scallywags to cook and eat their greens.
Captain James Tea Cook, whose real name is Tony Bishop Weston, is to host healthy cooking workshops at VegfestUK Brighton later this month.
The award-winning vegan chef will be teaching children under 16 about essential nutrition and vitamins. Mr Weston said: “I dress as a pirate and as the Mad Hatter because children are more responsive if I host workshops as different characters.”
These kids must be a hell of a lot 'under 16' then! Like, five...
“I will be teaching children about the five fundamental rules for health.
“These include eating food with essential fats, five portions of vegetables, drinking water and staying active.
“I will also educate them about which foods to eat. For example, white flour is not healthy because when processed it loses 20 types of vitamins and minerals so we should try to eat food made from brown flour instead.
“Children can learn which ingredients they can use to cook healthy meals. For example, they can include chia or flax seeds in their food.”
Sure. They can. But who wants to?

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