Monday, 26 October 2020

I Thought 'Romance' Meant Hearts And Flowers...

Police have praised the 'true bravery' of a woman who was 'lucky to survive' a knife attack at her home.

Oh no! One of those rare stranger attacks? 

Risman Naitsoka, 40, of Grove Street, Wantage, stabbed his victim in the chest after she refused to have sex with him.

A rapist burglar? 

Speaking after the sentencing hearing investigating officer, Detective Constable Martin Whaley, based at Oxford police station, praised the victim's 'true bravery.' He said: “I am pleased with the sentence the court has passed, and feel it reflects the true gravity of this crime.
“The victim has shown true bravery in seeing this case through, and justice has now rightly been served.
"She is lucky to have survived such an awful assault, and I hope this sentence encourages other victims of such offences to seek help and support themselves.
“The Police and Criminal Justice system are here to fight your corner and to bring offenders to justice.”

Wait, why would someone testifying against an attacker be 'brave' to do so?  

During the case it was revealed that the stabbing took place at an address in Wantage on November 5 last year.
Naitsoka had been in a 'romantic relationship' with his victim which was described as 'tempestuous.'
Naitsoka went to the woman's Wantage home and while there he propositioned the woman for sex, which she declined.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if the offender is from the religion of peace, which follows a book in which if states that women can be punished if they refuse a man's wishes? Why Isn't he being deported?

Anonymous said...

You don't understand, with a name like that it's probably the done thing where he comes from, how dare any woman say no to him. Could be yet another example of how importing foreign culture is proving to be such a blessing in poor old backward UK.

Anonymous said...

What on earth is that fukka doing in the country?

JuliaM said...

"I wonder if the offender is from the religion of peace..."

Always worth wondering in these cases...

"What on earth is that fukka doing in the country?"

Beating up the women our home-grown men are too lazy to beat up?