Saturday, 10 October 2020

Why Does Anyone Trust Doctors?

A 13-year-old boy who raped a seven-year-old girl on more than one occasion over a period of four months has been...

I'm sad to report that the answer almost certainly isn't 'put down like the animal he is'. What paltry sentence did he get? 

...spared a custodial sentence.


Prosecuting, Karen Brooks told the court: “When the offences came to light the defendant, who turns 16 in November, was challenged by an adult who told him what he did was wrong.
“He told the adult, ‘I know but she enjoyed it’.

Where's the outrage by feminists? Why aren't they raising hell? Why isn't this front page news in the 'Guardian'? 

The court heard that the teen’s motive for carrying out such depraved acts was as revenge for something an adult had done to him in the past, and he expressed no remorse about his behaviour.
He was taken to a secure children’s home in Cheshire the day after being interviewed but wasn’t charged until September 2019.


Defending barrister Bob Elias said his client was co-operating and benefitting from being in stable accommodation in Cheshire, and that the lack of stability and inconsistent parenting in his young life seems to have been a problem for him.

I wonder just what sort of background - and 'community' - we are talking about here..? 

At the request of judge Simon Newell, the defendant had been assessed by a child psychiatrist over concerns raised about his potential to possess psychopathic tendencies, due to the absence of sexual motivation in terms of the assaults, and worries about him presenting as a danger to the public in the future.

Well, quite! 

Judge Newell said: “It is very unusual to have this sort of offending without any sexual motive. If someone is prepared to do this in anger or revenge or otherwise, how is that not part of his character and would that not lead to a danger in the future?
“He has used a sexual attack as a means of getting revenge and I have concerns that might happen again.”

But clearly not enough to do what's needed to protect the public. Why? 

However, following a psychiatric report, he was diagnosed with attachment disorder, with doctors agreeing the potential for any psychopathy to be extremely low.

Because they're so good at assessing risk..? 

Judge Newell said: “I have to make sure you get the best rehabilitation possible and giving you a custodial sentence would disturb the work that has already been done and set you back considerably and make you a danger to the public.”
The teenager was handed a three-year youth rehabilitation order and ISSP, which he would serve at the secure home in Cheshire, and was made subject to a 12-year sexual harm prevention order and 12-year notification provision.

Do you feel safer, Reader? 


Anonymous said...

Boy of no particular description?

JuliaM said...

"Boy of no particular description?"

Could be. We'll never know. That's not a reassuring state of affairs.