Thursday, 1 October 2020

Unlike The Coke And Heroin He Was Selling, No Sale...

Defending, Ms Keely Harvey argued there was an element of exploitation.
There was coercion with "threats made against Onyeasi and his family" after the youngster had run up drug debts.
She added that the assault was "more reckless than anything" and that he does show remorse.

Nope! Not buying it

However, Judge Peter Henry said he was motivated by financial or other advantages.
He said: "I have come to the conclusion an immediate custodial sentence is inevitable."
Branding him a "County Lines" drug dealer Judge Henry sentenced him to 26 months in a young offenders institution.

Finally, a judge not swayed by the usual lies... 


MTG 1 said...

Cleohertz Onyeasi...his parents must have been linguaphiles, or shared a wrap or two themselves, just prior to the christening.

'There was coercion with threats made against Onyeasi and his family after the youngster had run up drug debts.' What is the more likely scenario...the teen was the local drugs lord or the minion of a larger menace that plod are unable or unwilling, to reign in? It is a matter for you what you 'buy' but I believe the underlying truth here is both vicious and sad, JuliaM.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear MTG, unable to post anything without having a dig at the police. The coercion is not proven and the claim was made by his ambulance chaser, well they never lie do they?
Vermin in prison and not sad at all. He will be a regular on these pages in years to come.

MTG 1 said...


Anonymous said...

Poor hard done by, down trodden criminal, that judge should be ashamed and probably needs to seek counciling. Next thing you know judge's will be seeking to enforce the law and protect society, disgusting!

MTG 1 said...

The consensus is that plod are pretty useless...which is no surprise...but the suggestion that useless plod aren't even capable of protecting their own, face the cackling Jaded, swooping down on her broomstick to deliver the long, painful, lonely, death curse.

JuliaM said...

"Cleohertz Onyeasi...his parents must have been linguaphiles..."

Or played 'Scrabble' a lot.

"He will be a regular on these pages in years to come."

I dunno, it's a strong field!