Tuesday, 6 October 2020

What's To Consider?

Bedfordshire Police dispatched officers to the area when "large crowds" gathered outside a church in Dunstable.
Conservative MP for the town Andrew Selous said he was very angry about the "flagrant breach" of rules at the "traveller funeral".
The force said it will review evidence and consider taking action.

Only 'consider'? Hmmm. Are they going to plead ignorance of the law (the travellers, that is. we all know the police aren't too hot on it themselves)? 

Ch Insp Lee Haines said: "We worked with the local authority, the cemetery and the funeral directors prior to this event so people could attend to pay their respects while following social distancing measures.
"The funeral was initially attended by lower numbers of people, as planned, but larger crowds subsequently started gathering outside the church where the funeral was taking place."

And did your officers take any action? No. Of course not. And I bet you won't take any action now, either.  

Mr Selous, the MP for South West Bedfordshire, said "We are all under the law and it is simply not right or acceptable for the rest of the population who have made such sacrifices to see others getting away with such behaviour."

Clearly, Mr Selous, you're wrong. We aren't 'all under the law' at all. Not until it is applied to all without fear and favour, and breaches of covid rules receive the same rapid police action from Dunstable to Ilford

H/T: CJ Nerd via email


Anonymous said...

For once, I’m cheering the travellers. Why destroy the economy for jumped up flu? The average age at death for the afflicted is greater than the average life expectancy. We’re just ensuring that people die alone and bereft of all that makes life meaningful while their grandchildren and great grandchildren are made neurotic and fearful and will carry the tax burden of this gigantic lunacy.

MTG 1 said...

Unsure as to the collective noun for Pike but let a 'Battery' suffice. It was probably a battering that plod feared as a result of meaningful law enforcement. After all, this wasn't a common, low risk situation such as mugging 'speeding' pensioners with time to dance on car bonnets before smashing windscreens and dragging some frail codger to the ground...for a good old fashioned neck kneel.

Dark blue or SS Schwartz uniforms? I suggest yellow...to mark plod failure of character in the face of the mildest challenge and fear that makes him unable to do what is right or expected.

Anonymous said...

What's so bad about this, Julia? One down - how is that bad? Hundreds more possibly catching a fatal disease - how is that so bad?

As for them getting away with something that the rest of us would be fined or banged up for, well, what's newsworthy about that? What has changed there?

Frankly, it's the Army that's needed to deal with this scum, not to Cowardly Club.

staybryte said...

Sorry but I'm with the Pikeys on this one.

Anonymous said...

Cuntus Maximus strikes again. Boring repetitive and pompous.

Anonymous said...

When will people understand that the law does not apply to travellers only settled people who will not riot and always pay their fines?.

Anonymous said...

A discerning audience has always reacted well to odd profanities from the erudite speaker or talented artist. I compare this with standard crude outbursts from semi-literate sources.

The brief, entertaining expletive used by wags to emphasise a point, usually creates roars of laughter as a bonus. In stark contrast, someone as sharp as a marble is ever confined to curling lips and earning disdain and derision, WC Jaded.

Anonymous said...

Once again Melvin you prove my point. You need a best friend to proof read your " hilarious " reposts and tell you the truth.

MTG said...

'Repost' is to mail again, Jaded. Better to remain silent and thought a fool, eh?

JuliaM said...

"For once, I’m cheering the travellers. Why destroy the economy for jumped up flu? "

I understand the sentiment. But...that's not the point, is it?

" It was probably a battering that plod feared..."

Undoubtedly. What is it we call people who prey on the weak and avoid the strong, again?

"Hundreds more possibly catching a fatal disease - how is that so bad?"

I fear it's not so lethal.

MTG 1 said...

I hope you are conceding a little company to that lonely Spellchecker...maybe with the punctuation and grammar drones?

I wouldn't want to be disappointed by robots failing making a complete arse of a human volunteer, WC Jaded.