Monday, 12 October 2020

It's A Wonder She Finds The Time To Steal...

 ...she must spend a lot of time on a sunbed.

Wigan magistrates told Amadine Webster: "The shopkeepers who are trying to run legitimate businesses, particularly at this time, deserve to be protected from your actions.
"It is abundantly clear that you will continue to offend unless the court takes strong action against you."

Sadly, it's highly unlikely it'll be strong enough... 

The court heard that the criminal behaviour order had been made on January 30 last year but in the latest breach Webster, aged 36, of Heywood Gardens, Bolton, stole goods worth £106 from Boots in Mealhouse Lane on August 26 and also endered (sic) the Redd clothing store in Victoria Square.
"According to your interview you said that the thought that the order had ended. Even if that had been the case, and it clearly isn’t, you still took the opportunity to continue your depredations of the retail shop owners in Bolton," Webster was told.

Because that's exactly the way these creature's 'minds' work: the sentence is ended? OK! Back to normal. 

Which means, petty theft. No sentence will ever be a deterrent to these kinds of criminals. So, shouldn't it switch aims, and become a protection instead? 


Doonhamer said...

Perhaps she thought "If they think that Ah iz bleck, Ah will get away with it."
Needs to put on a few kilograms though. Unless she wears a hollow fat-suit to stash her booty in. Or maybe that should be a positive-body-suit.

Anonymous said...

Put shoplifters, fly tippers and graffiti-ists in the stocks. They might find the time speent there reduces reoffending.

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps she thought "If they think that Ah iz bleck, Ah will get away with it.""

LOL! Good point.

"Put shoplifters, fly tippers and graffiti-ists in the stocks."

I'm all for that!