Saturday, 8 August 2020

No, He Wasn't 'Troubled'...He Was Trouble!

Thankfully, not any more:
A parish councillor was gunned down in the front garden of his thatched cottage by a neighbour who was then killed in a police chase.
James Nash, 42, was in hospital last night with serious injuries following the attack in the pretty Hampshire hamlet of Upper Enham, near Andover.
Officers gave chase in a patrol car after the gunman fled on a motorcycle, but he later crashed.

 The victim has since died

A villager said: 'We don't know what caused the younger man to target James – there must have been a dispute of some sort.
'But I know that the shooter was a troubled soul who had had issues with drink or drugs.'

 Oh, really? 

The force said a mandatory referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct had been made, adding that officers had attended an address in Enham Alamein parish as part of this investigation.

 I wonder if that is from the crash, or past cobtact with this lunatic?

A villager said: 'Alex had a history of petty crime over recent years and had got into drugs I think too. Nobody can understand why he has done what he has done.'

I think you really answered your own question there... 

Sartain, who suffers form (sic) paranoia, had come to believe Mr Nash was spying on him and was 'trying to get him sectioned'.

Pity he wasn't. Pity someone wasn't.  


MTG 1 said...

Sad that two lives were lost. One through cobtact with a raving nutter and one through cobtact with uniformed psychos in yet another wild plodcar chase.

Anonymous said...

Cobtact? How very eductid.
Melvin once again siding with a criminal. Should we have just let him drive away after killing someone or
should those brave officers be congratulated for risking their lives chasing an armed madman?

Anonymous said...

Gosh. You eagle-eyed savant, Jaded!!

We at once again at your mercy (if you have resumed bringing you brain everywhere.) But let us hope this time you wisely opt for an 'unbreakable' glass jar.

JuliaM said...

"Sad that two lives were lost"

Since only one appears to have been worth anything, no.

"Melvin once again siding with a criminal. "

A deranged murderer, at that...