Saturday, 29 August 2020

Thank God Kevin Maxwell Is A Former Detective...

If you’re black in Britain, you’re nine times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs, three times more likely to be arrested, four times more likely to be Tasered in London, or detained under the Mental Health Act, and twice as likely to die in police custody. More than half the people in young offender institutions are black or brown.

And he appears to believe that this is down to, you guessed it, 'racism'. Not their own actions. 

How should the police change?

Why should the police change? Isn't that a more important question? 

The first and easiest step is by admitting that systemic racism exists.

And that it's all on one side, and one side only, Kev ol' pal...? 

Twenty years after the report into Stephen Lawrence’s murder, the Met commissioner says the force is no longer institutionally racist, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. When wrongdoing is shown, it means accepting it publicly and doing something about it.

Except when you're black. Then you'll be excused anything.  


Anonymous said...

In the long run it would be cheaper and easier to give every black person who turns up at Hendon £100,000 and tell them to go home.
This man has two minority cards to play so he would get extra.

Anonymous said...


Gosh. Is that the time?

JuliaM said...

"This man has two minority cards to play so he would get extra."