Monday, 17 August 2020

Once Is Happenstance, Twice Is Coincidence...

Surely the politician who also watches child porn combines the top-two hate groups of any decent hack?
Says who? Why, none other than Julie Burchill. 

Yes. That Julie Burchill

That makes twice I've agreed with her...
Judging by his Twitter, he seemed especially keen on the mad trans project of ending women-only toilets. In context of the fact that he had searched ‘for material for five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10-year-old girls… two men rape girl’ and was in possession of images of ‘the sexual abuse of very young children… featuring what appeared to be seven different children, aged between 12 months and seven years’ and the penetration of a baby, of course it makes sense he’s in favour of men being allowed in the ladies’.

And this 'man' - I use the word advisedly - is an MP. Let that sink in. 

But Julie reserves her scorn for those who would normally turn their fire on such a creature, had he been anyone other than a Labour MP:

It is a national disgrace that men such as Joyce, who drive the market for the rape of infants, are spared jail by the courts of this country. But it is a national scandal that our newspapers – usually so keen to police the morals of our public figures – close ranks to protect one of their own. What a shameful episode in the history of British journalism – the silence of the hacks, shielding the evils which take place behind the Wokescreen.

Preach it, sister! 


Anonymous said...

Was he using the Pete Townsend defence of "I was only doing research"?
Perhaps he can follow Pete a little bit more and write shut songs for a rock band!

Anonymous said...

It should really be "shit songs", but I thought I'd show Dawn Porter she's not alone in typing errors.

Anonymous said...

Or even Dawn Butler!

JuliaM said...

"Was he using the Pete Townsend defence of "I was only doing research"?"

I think that only works if you're Pete Townsend!

"Or even Dawn Butler!"