Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Just Another Day In The Hood...

The accused double killer is facing his fourth retrial for two counts of murder. Ezeoke insists he was on the Grahame Park Estate, Edgware, on the night of the killings at the flat in Elmshurst Crescent, East Finchley.
The estate is said to have been the backdrop of a longstanding feud between a group involved with Ms Ekofo's son Ryan Efey, 22, and another, linked to Ezeoke.

Ah, such enrichment! 

The accused killer was found by police 'left for dead' with a broken eye socket during an altercation on 9 February 2014 connected to the rivalry, it was said.
A 'trophy' photograph which was taken by his attackers and shared widely on the social media platform Snapchat was later allegedly found on the phone of Kaydean Efey, Ryan's older brother.


Mr Heywood added: 'It really boils down doesn't it to a very small group of people.'

For now, yes. But sadly, Mr Heywood, it's growing. 


Anonymous said...

After decades of research into the phenomenon of ignorance, scientists have concluded it is incurable. This may be so, who knows, but the money is on a few people benefiting from fake cures.

Anonymous said...

Don't despair folks they may be a small group in today's society but these evil s**ts are breeding like rabbits at our expense and every year we import thousands more like them.

Robert the Biker said...


Anonymous said...

Are we bovvered when scum offs scum?

JuliaM said...


That, too, was my conclusion.