Thursday, 6 August 2020

You Need To Get A Grip, Priti...

Police are investigating...
Burgary? Assault? Dangerous driving?
...comments posted on social media about asylum seekers staying in temporary accommodation at a York hotel.
Hmmm. OK, but maybe they are concerned that they are committing crime and the local population needs protection?
North Yorkshire Police tweeted that ‘hate crime’ would not be tolerated and it was concerned about some social media posts relating to asylum seekers housed in the York area.
“We are looking into the issue and stand committed to stopping hate speech,” it added.
 Ah. Guess not. What does Priti's office have to say? Will they rein in these maverick so-called police officers?
The Home Office said it took the wellbeing of asylum seekers and the local communities in which they lived extremely seriously.
“On the rare occasions that there are problems (Ed: really..?) in a local area, we will always work closely with the relevant authorities to address the issue,” said a spokesman.
“Hate crime has absolutely no place in our society and we have a zero tolerance approach towards attempts to undermine our tolerance and respect for each other.”
What if that 'tolerance and respect' is eroding faster and faster due to the increased perception that the government has no plan, no clue, and no intention whatsoever of halting the influx, though?

That they are slowly draining the coffers even more perniciously than Covid?

But maybe there's no real cause for concern here?

Their comments came as it emerged that two asylum seekers have been arrested on suspicion of affray at the hotel where they are staying.
And when the council claims this as a victory, we see how hollow the State's attempt to claim all is normal really is:
A York council official has revealed that the organisation responsible for the asylum seekers’ accommodation was making arrangements to relocate four to alternative locations outside York, staffing levels had been increased at the hotel and police had increased visits to Clifton Moor.
More police, more staff, moving them around the country - this is what you do with dangerous troublemakers in prison. Not 'people looking for a better life'. Isn't it?

H/T: Mike Graham via Twitter


Anonymous said...

And zero tolerance of people exceeding the speed limit by an imperceptible amount - because there's money to be made from them. But use the N word? Well, here. I'm not afraid.

All coppers are nincompoops!

(Well, maybe not all - but I will take a lot to be convinced).


Instead of hate speech I practise a lot of hate think, I assume that isn't illegal yet?

Anonymous said...

There are loads of empty liners parked off the south coast. All those standard cabins - no balconies or Windows - going empty. Instead of destroying the staycation holidays for thousand of tax paying holiday makers by having them sharing 4 star hotels with Eritrean brain surgeons/architects/promising footballers/the odd rapist, paedophile, thief, terrorist (add your own description), why not ship (pun intended) these invaders onto a couple of these liners? The town's in the Home Office could even arrange film nights to keep them entertained. 'Titanic', '20,000 leagues under the sea', and 'The Poseidon Adventure' would be appreciated, I'm sure.

MTG 1 said...

@ Anon 10:39

"All coppers are nincompoops!"

When the acronym ACAB first became popular, I was puzzled until discovering the meaning which I then considered to be untrue and vulgar. Just a few decades was sufficient to convince all honest tax payers and motorists of the omnipresence of this plod 'quality'.

DJ said...

A vote of thanks too for the local media, acting as though the Blue Badge Thugs threatening people who dare disagree with an utterly corrupt government program is perfectly reasonable - nay, praiseworthy.

They're not speaking truth to power, they're speaking truth from power - but why oh why are local media going bust anyway?

Anonymous said...

MTG 1, I had ACAB in mind. I thought for a long time that it was a taxi firm, and not the Truth that is out there ...

ivan said...

I am sure there is an island in the Outer Hebrides that is empty and large enough to accommodate all the 'asylum seekers'. I think the army would have enough tents for them and food could be dropped in by helicopter once a week. Let them stay there until the government is ready to ship them home.

The advantage of that is once the word got out there would be less of them trying for 'the good life' at British taxpayers expense - a win for those that pay tax.

Anonymous said...

Priti Pathetic in my opinion.

jannerfish said...

"Hate crime has absolutely no place in our society."

I can agree with that.

Anonymous said...

To my mind, a hate crime is when someone beats the shit out of someone because they are different and for no other reason. Just calling names isn't much of a crime.

Every time a darkie stabs a whitey, it should be recorded as racist.

Anonymous said...

Priti Pathetic in my opinion

Unknown said...

Perhaps the anchor could 'slip', might take them somewhere nice.

JuliaM said...

"All coppers are nincompoops!

(Well, maybe not all - but I will take a lot to be convinced)."

All? I'm not sure.

"...I assume that isn't illegal yet?"

Well, hold that thought! Scottish NHS appear to be attempting it.

"There are loads of empty liners parked off the south coast."

Clearly, great minds do think alike! That's actually been mooted recently.

"They're not speaking truth to power, they're speaking truth from power..."

Spot on, as always!

"Just calling names isn't much of a crime."