Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Why Is Anyone Professing Surprise?


A report by Hope Not Hate...

Ah. We can usually safely ignore anything produced by this bunch of charlatans, can't we? 

...seen exclusively by The Independent before its release, said that years of dominance by Tommy Robinson and other figures focused on Muslims was giving way to rising white nationalism.

When we've seen the rise of black nationalism with the BLM movement, and also observed the obsequiousness of the establishment, why wouldn't this happen?  

“There’s this move from people previously focused on other topics like Islam, and alongside that is a contingent of the young British far right who have been embracing more extreme and traditionally fascist, white nationalist and antisemitic ideas,”
Mr Murdoch said. He warned that the younger group are active in online networks that have greater reach than the “old guard” of National Front and British National Party (BNP) supporters.

In other words, the younger generation are smarter, more social-media savvy, then the old guard. 

So let's see what their message is, and whether it could really gain popular support with mainstreamers?  

On its website, Patriotic Alternative claims that “native British” people are being eradicated and proposes extreme measures to protect “the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom”.
It says it would call a “complete halt” to immigration and pay people “of immigrant descent … to return to their ancestral homelands”.
Patriotic Alternative claims that children are being exposed to pro-LGBT and anti-white “propaganda” and advocates home-schooling using its own package of hateful material on “history and culture”.

Well, I leave you to your own conclusions. But if I was an establishment figure, I'd be very, very worried. 


Lord T said...

I've been saying for years this is why we end up with Hitlers in charge. Voted in and given powers to sort our problems. The pendulum swings and soon we will have our camps for immigrants. Hopefully this time without the ovens, unless we get them to labour on our cakes and bread.

Stonyground said...

Our history and culture is hateful now is it?

Anonymous said...

The headline should be 'Report finds that most people in Britain are now Far Right', if becoming more racist after BLM protests is Far Right.

Anonymous said...

So, if you disagree with a bunch of Marxist led BLM rioters and looters, you are 'far right'; if you disagree with Muslim religious fanatics blowing people up, you are 'far right'; if you disagree with a mob of foul mouthed, tunnel visioned, antifa thugs, you are 'far right'; if you feel that being able to have any opinion, as long as it matches the SJW, woke, is not democratic, then you are 'far right'; if you think that people like Linecker and Msitlas should just STFU, then you are 'far right'.
My goodness, it seems that there are a hell of a lot of us 'far rightists' about. Unfortunately, we do what intelligent, logical, law abiding, people do, and trust the government that justice will prevail. We really are doomed!

JuliaM said...

"...this is why we end up with Hitlers in charge."

Those who forget history, etc.

"Our history and culture is hateful now is it?"

It always has been to these ingrates. It's just that now they feel emboldened to make it obvious.

"My goodness, it seems that there are a hell of a lot of us 'far rightists' about. "

It's the only growth movement that makes sense...