Tuesday 15 November 2022

Shouldn't The Police Be Investigating The Gamekeeper's Whereabouts?

“I fully admit that I shot Herman, my gun dog. I shot him humanely and buried him with my gamekeeper,” it read. “I had to take the merciful route to end Herman’s suffering.”
Just in case the lunatic meant something other than 'with the help of my gamekeeper'..?
Temple Farm gamekeeper Phil Holborow said Herman was ill. He said: "He had lumps all over him and he was wobbly on his legs, his back end was going, that's how I'd describe it. He was ill, the poor old boy looked ill."
"In my words, he needed putting down, in my words. I think he was suffering. He [the Count] told me the dog crapped everywhere in the house, he said 'I think we need to deal with it'. He asked me to bury it, so that's what I did."


Chair of the bench, Beverly Payne, returned a verdict of guilty. She said: "We note the relationship was acrimonious and had been on that day. We are sure that you act unreasonably, you could have organised taking Herman to a vet to be euthanized like all the other pets. You must have known that would have upset your wife. Therefore we do find you guilty."
Describing the offence as having a "high degree of planning", Ms Payne imposed a £2,000 fine. He must also pay £620 costs and a £200 surcharge. The hearing took place on Friday.

Perhaps the surrendering of his English gun licence too might be a good idea? Given he's shown a proclivity for taking it into his own hands to dispose of something he's grown tired of?


Anonymous said...


Sometimes you are too stupid for words. The poor bloody dog was suffering, and it was put out of its misery. Would a vet have done differently - well, of course, but with a needle full of poison.Trust me, it's not easy to dispose of an animal that you are fond of.

And what does the sainted NHS do with people suffering at the end of a long illness?

JuliaM said...

"The poor bloody dog was suffering, and it was put out of its misery. Would a vet have done differently..."

Yes. But it's plain here that this maniac did what he did to spite his wife, and not out of concern for the animal.