Saturday 12 November 2022

Why We Aren't Stopping Knife Crime...

A Holland & Barrett worker attacked his boss in front of shocked customers after a row erupted about the length of his lunch break.
Terry Stokes, 26, dug his fingers into Kyran Burnett’s eyes then grabbed a blade from the store room at the health food shop near Victoria Station, central London.
Four customers fled in panic as Stokes chased Mr Burnett with the knife on December 29 last year, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Oh no, are you in for a long spell in ... 

But the judge gave Stokes credit for finding another job since the incident.

*blinks* Wait, what? Who would give this maniac a job? 

‘We have an impressive letter written on your behalf by your new employer who plainly thinks you would be of more use outside of prison than behind bars.’
Stokes, of Camden, was convicted of assault by beating and possessing a knife. He was sentenced to eight months jail suspended for 21 months.


The judge added: ‘You still have anger issues and it may properly be addressed with these sessions.
You really must curb your temper in the future.’

What incentive does he have to do so, 'your honour'..? When he doesn't see a day behind bars for physical assault, while a sick sense of humour gets you 12 weeks in chokey?


Anonymous said...

assault by beating is simply spitting on or at someone

JuliaM said...

"assault by beating is simply spitting on or at someone"

'Simply'..? I doubt those assaulted in that manner are so casual about it...