Thursday 17 November 2022

What Were You Thinking..?

His Majesty's Treasury has been brutally mocked online after the Government department launched...

A new policy? Something some bright-eyed, bushy tailed SPAD thought would earn them brownie points wiv da yoof? 

Reader, yes. 

...a new server on gaming chat app Discord.

And we know how those tend to go, don't we? 

Although the government blocked all comments on the gamer-focused chat app - making the server read-only - trolls were able to find a way to have a laugh at the expense of the Government as 7,000 new users flooded in over just a few hours.

I'm proud of you, gaming community. 

At one point thousands of users managed to coordinate reactions so that emoji letters spelled out the C-word and 'GAY'.

Ahahahahahahaha! Maybe the kids are alright, after all! 


Stonyground said...

A read only chat app? Genius!

JuliaM said...

Isn't it? 😂