Wednesday 9 November 2022

They Need To Be Reminded Who They Serve...

Labour MP Rosie Duffield has slammed the British Transport Police (BTP) after they tweeted an appeal to identify a suspected flasher, referring to the suspect as 'them' rather than stating their gender.

Because if someone flashes you, their sex is immediate and obvious. So what does it matter what gender they claim to be? 

The BTP repeatedly refused to disclose to MailOnline whether a suspected flasher dressed in a wig and skirt exposed male or female genitals to two teenage girls on a train.
MailOnline subsequently requested further information several times throughout today to confirm further details regarding the incident - including whether the suspect was is a man or woman and whether they exposed male or female genitals.
But BTP's press office rebuffed the queries, instead insisting that it 'did not need further descriptions' after issuing the appeal.

Unlike other photos, this one was crystal clear. But it would still help to know which particular flavour of pervert they were looking for... 

British Transport Police said: 'At this stage of the investigation, our priority is to speak to the individual. It is not necessary for us to add any further descriptors - we just want to identify the individual in the picture and would encourage anyone with information to assist with this.
'We are committed to tackling violence against women and girls across the rail and underground network.'

That's going to be pretty difficult for you, since you seem unable to tell what women and girls are... 


Anonymous said...

'They Need To Be Reminded Who They Serve...'

And from whom did you pinch the headline?

"We are now serving ourselves" est le dernier memoire d’aide de plod, JuliaM.

Anonymous said...

"Some perverted bloke in a dress ....." .
Fixed it for you, BTP.

JuliaM said...

"And from whom did you pinch the headline?"

I never steal! An hommage?

"Fixed it for you, BTP."