Saturday 19 November 2022

You Know Who Else's Resources Aren't Limitless, Danial..?

Mamlye was discovered on Tuesday night by Danial Abbas from the charity Under One Sky. Abbas paid £65 out of his own pocket for Mamlye to spend the night in a hotel. Abbas said: “With what he’s gone through, I thought he needed his own space for a night.”
After speaking to the Guardian Mamlye was taken away by police officers. Abbas said: “I’m waiting to hear whether he’s got his accommodation sorted for tonight or not. If he doesn’t I’ve assured him I’ll sort him out again.”
Under One Sky helped secure 11 other asylum seekers hotel accommodation in Norwich. Abbas said: “A lot of the government’s failures seem to be falling on to my shoulders. But our resources are not limitless.
The UK's aren't, either. 
Mamlye said he had fled Iran because it was a “dictatorship and ruled by despots – they have no respect for human rights especially for Kurds”.
He said in early October he tried to cross the Channel in a 9-metre inflatable boat with 50 other people including “babies, men and women, young and old”.

So, France - and all the other countries you travelled through to get to France - were no better?  


Sam Vega said...

'Speaking to the Guardian through an interpreter he said: “My message through you is: please, I beg you to provide somewhere to sleep, so people don’t resort to criminality.” '

- Nice little country you've got here. Pity if someone spoilt it...

Stonyground said...

Um, illegal immigrants have resorted to criminality already.

JuliaM said...

"- Nice little country you've got here. Pity if someone spoilt it..."


"Um, illegal immigrants have resorted to criminality already."

Well, exactly! Why are 'journalists' loathe to point this out?