Tuesday, 8 September 2009

So, While Everyone Was Distracted By Noor Ramjanally….

…some real race hate, with real and deadly consequences, was occurring in Tooting:
A Muslim pensioner was on the brink of death last night after an appalling race-hate attack by a gang of schoolboys.

Retired care worker Ekram Haque, 67, was battered to the ground in front of his three-year- old granddaughter Marian.
Why no screaming headlines about this?

This attack happened a few days ago – I remember seeing reports of it in the local online papers – with all references to the race of the ‘youths’ missing.
Someone, it seems, has had a change of heart. Or, is it because they now have suspects in custody?
Police are linking the attack to other assaults on elderly Asians. The attackers, who were black and wore hooded tops, are believed to be as young as 12.
Well, this sets the cat among the pigeons…
Mr Haque, a devout Muslim, was ambushed as he left his local mosque in Tooting, South-West London, where he had been attending evening prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

As he and Marian waited for a lift, the gang ran up behind him and clubbed him around the head.

Two other worshippers chased the thugs away but Mr Haque - described by friends as a 'gentle giant' - had suffered horrific head injuries.
So, while everyone was happy to chase their tails over the story of the ‘BNP kidnappers’, an elderly man was beaten to the ground and fatally injured in front of his small daughter by a gang of thugs specifically targeting Asian men, and it didn’t merit anything in the main MSM?

Even though it seems this is not the first such incident:
Graphic images of the attack were caught on CCTV.

Although Mr Haque has not been officially declared dead, murder squad detectives have already begun investigating the attacks on him and four other Asians.
And it seems that it is now being treated as more than just a mugging gone wrong:
Scotland Yard confirmed that the assault was being treated as ' racially motivated'.
The age of the attackers should have drawn headlines too:
Two youths aged 14 and 15 have appeared before Wimbledon Youth Court accused of committing grievous bodily harm with intent on Mr Haque.

They and another boy, aged 12, are also accused of conspiracy to commit GBH and two counts of assault on victims in their 40s and 70s. Another 14-year-old has been charged over the attacks, but has yet to appear in court.
As Laban Tall commented on some similar cases:
“I just get the feeling in both these cases that, had the perpetrator been white, we'd be reading about them for the next six months.”
Let’s see how much we get to read about this


James Higham said...

Gutless people like those boys need immediate strong measures and no namby-pamby handling. We cannot get out of this spiral with less.

Mike said...

Has anyone read the recent musings of some politicians suggesting children that are either at risk or pose some threat should be removed from their parents without delay?
It surely will attract the attention of human rights activists and parents alike but if not as a permanent way forward I see no other way to break the cycle. It is a harsh and a blunt tool. We are in a situation where whole communities not just individuals are relying on the state via the handouts offered to pregnant women and parents. It is these children that are harmed and harm simply because they are produced in exactly the same way as immigrants have flocked here with no plan or structure for their future support and existence. We are just reacting to a growing problem. If reopening 'the Victorian workhouses' puts a stop to this then I'm for it but we have to realise that once the incentive is taken away and the incidents of feral youths and battered, abused children reduces a new system to support the more unfortunate in our society has to be developed that doesn't cause the same problem again.

Mike said...

Or something like what happened during the Second World War when children were sent out into the countryside on mass to live and work on farms. There is nothing wrong with a programme of manual labour supported by the government and with the interweb they could even receive education wherever they are.

Mike said...

Thinking about it it may offer a lifeline for our struggling agricultural industries?

Mike said...

Have I made it up or does CHAV stand for Council House And Violence?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JM< I don't think you get this whole VictimHood Poker malarkey.

Allow me to recap:

"Western society harshly judges people according to the darkness of their skin, and colonial oppression in Africa lasted much longer and was far more degrading than in India. Indians were themselves part of the oppression mechanism in east Africa.

So these young men that you disparagingly refer to as 'black' have an understandable grudge against their erstwhile colonial oppressors, and we must therefore be a little more understanding of the underlying causes that drove these young men to lash out at the nearest symbol of colonial oppression.

No doubt the economic mess we inherited from the Tories ensured that they would grow up in poverty without a father figure and be deprived of their fair share of the wealth of this country."

Y'see, not difficult is it?

Mark said...

The contrast in the attention given by the BBC and leftie blogs to the Noor Ramjanally non incident, and the now fatal incident involving Ekram Haque,speaks for itself. They both cling to a worldview drenched in 'this whole VictimHood Poker malarkey', as Mark W correctly identifies.

JuliaM said...

"Gutless people like those boys need immediate strong measures and no namby-pamby handling."

It'll be interesting to see what they get instead, though...

"...if not as a permanent way forward I see no other way to break the cycle."

Me neither.

But I've a feeling the SS would immediately sgo for the soft targets - the hapless, rather than the actively dangerous - in order to meet the targets they'd be set.

"Y'see, not difficult is it?"

Indeed not. :)

I wonder what consituutes a winning hand in Victimhood Poker?

I'm pretty sure I'll never have one...

"They both cling to a worldview..."

The silence says it all, doesn't it?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JM, the winning hand in VP is probably that South African sprinter man/woman. She ticks just every box apart from Muslim as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

The first iteration of the DM article had the kids down as black.

Subsequent censorship wiped that one, when I was reading it at first I thought: wonder how long that'll last, reloaded it and, it was gone.

So much for informing the public...