Monday 21 June 2010

Something Missing In Translation..?

Judge Michael Brooke said that because the altercation was started by Mr Green pushing Robbins, he would sentence on the basis that it was “over-the-top self-defence”. But he said the extreme nature of the attack meant Robbins would be assessed to determine if he was a danger to the public.

The judge said: “This was a sad case, and not a very easy one. Clearly it was an assault where he broke a bottle over the victim’s head and, in the ensuing struggle, stabbed his body with the broken glass. But it should be noted that it was fortuitous he had the bottle because it was one he had been drinking from.”

Incidentally, I’m shocked, shocked, to find out that drink played a part in this…

Is the young man contrite?
Charlie Robbins says his only crime was to protect himself.

The 19-year-old, who could be jailed for a long time if he is assessed to be dangerous, is dismayed to be found guilty of deliberately wounding William Green, who he says was the aggressor.

He said: “Today has just been my worst nightmare and now I just hope a sensible decision is made when it comes to my sentence and it will not ruin the rest of my life.”
I'm not sure there's much of your life left to ruin, is there?


Chuckles said...

The term 'self defence' would seem to be open to several interpretations, depending on the jurisdiction -

kashif14763 said...

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JuliaM said...

"The shop owner was not arrested.

"He acted within his rights to protect himself," said Makhele."

Indeed he did.